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  • CBC News - Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo

    This submission is for a podcast with ten episodes. The submission includes the episodes, an audio trailer as well as a link to the podcast website where you can find other material such as photos and video and text stories and uploaded files of the episode transcripts (as supplementary material) On the surface, this is a true crime story trying to answer the question - what happened to Cleo Semaganis Nicotine? She and her siblings in the Cree Indigenous family were taken into government care in Saskatchewan, Canada in the 1970's and adopted into white families in Canada and the United States. The siblings re-connected as adults but can't find Cleo. They've heard that she ran away from a home in Arkansas and was murdered but they don't know if that is true. They want help to at least find where she is buried.
  • ADG: Violent Reality

    Since 1999, more than 8,000 Arkansans have died by gunfire — about half of them suicides. Although many law enforcement officials and legislators say that gun-control laws might work, they are unwilling to act. The stories explore the effect of specific laws on gun violence in other states, suicide-prevention advocates' work with gun sellers to keep weapons out of suicidal individuals' possession, and federal law enforcement's efforts to keep guns out of the hands of felons.
  • ADG: Milking Medicaid

    A Missouri-based nonprofit became Arkansas' largest provider of Medicaid-funded mental health services by milking a flawed system that has drawn the attention of federal prosecutors — and resulted in the convictions of several former lawmakers for public bribery and conspiracy.
  • Cash & the Court

    A reporter's curiosity about campaign contributions to judicial candidates from six law firms — five from outside Arkansas — leads to a 17 month-long investigation and results in revelations that raise questions about the impartiality of the state's Supreme Court.
  • Bound and Punished

    Arkansas law prohibits punishment of juvenile delinquents, requiring instead that child offenders be provided treatment, rehabilitation and safe environments. But at the Yell County Juvenile Detention Center, where hundreds of children have been sent for years, punishment was not only allowed, top administrators encouraged it. State officials responsible for assuring the safety and well-being of youth in county-run detention centers learned of this routine mistreatment only after the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette shared internal incident reports with them.
  • Collection of stories: College student's murder reveals broken parole system

    The kidnapping and brutal slaying of a college student in Little Rock led to the discovery that the suspect, an eight-time parole violator, had been released from jail just hours before the murder. That story and subsequent follow-ups and investigative pieces led to the abrupt retirement of the parole system's leader; three separate investigations, including one conducted by the Arkansas State Police; a series of legislative hearings; and numerous policy reforms.
  • A Fair Hearing

    When a state agency hires an interpreter for the deaf, others who applied for the position have concerns. We use the Freedom of Information Act to learn more about the hiring process and it soon becomes clear that the person picked for the job is not qualified but is well connected. Seven-On-Your-Side reporter Jason Pederson's continuing investigtion leads to legislative hearings and eventually attention from the governor. After two months Arkansas' deaf community gets what it wants and deserves: a competent person to do this important job.
  • Broken Justice in Phillips County

    A five-part series preceded by an initial investigation into dysfunction in the criminal justice system in an Arkansas Delta county known for corruption and poverty. The year-long investigation uncovered errors and archaic practices in the handling of fugitive warrants and speedy trials that allowed felony suspects to remain free for years without fear of answering to the charges against them. As a result, prosecutors had to drop hundreds of cases for failure to take them to trial in a timely manner. Since publication, the Phillips County sheriff has made changes in how his office handles failure-to-appear warrants, and court officials have reduced case backlogs. Nevertheless, problems persist.
  • Gift With Strings Trips UCA President

    Investigation of the misappropriation of funds by a former UCA President.
  • State Autos

    The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette investigated the number, taxability, and use of state vehicles by state officials. The reporters found that officials weren't paying income taxes on the personal use of their state vehicles and that the state had not been keeping track of the number of state vehicles.