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  • "Breach of Trust"

    Soldiers on all levels of the U.S. Armed Forces used fake college diplomas to increase chances of "promotions and pay raises." WHNT-TV revealed that several AMCOM employees had also presented "fake degrees" to the "Department of the Army." The investigation spurred a reconstruction of HR Specialist training, as the command's "ability to detect" to false diplomas was severely flawed.
  • An Army of Debt

    "An Army of Debt" focuses on the effects that extended deployment has on the families of many National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers. The investigation found a number of families suffering from financial problems and bankruptcy due to a loss of income when soldiers were activated. The investigation also discovered that "deceptive lenders prey on members of the military and can exacerbate the problem by encouraging risky credit and by exploiting and exaggerating the threat of military punishment for financial hardships."
  • What Lies Beneath

    The Washington Post tell the story of Michael Blankenship, a well-liked resident of St. Mary County known for his kindness and charitable work. Locals also knew him as a U.S. Army Reserve brigadier general, which, after his murder, was learned to be one of many lies.
  • En Garde!

    The Pentagon is debating the future of the National Guard and Army Reserves. Proposed cuts in the Army's reserves have opened further the divide between active-duty Army and the Guard.