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  • Better Government Association and WBEZ: TRAPPED

    In Chicago’s public housing for senior residents, something as simple as taking an elevator can be dangerous. The Better Government Association and WBEZ 91.5FM investigated how the Chicago Public Housing Authority failed to maintain safe operating conditions in dozens of elevators.
  • Exposing Waste, Fraud And Corruption

    The Better Government Association is a nonpartisan, nonprofit government watchdog that's been around for more than 90 years exposing waste, fraud and corruption in Chicago and throughout Illinois. The Illinois Freedom of Information Act is a key component of our work, not only for our investigations team, which regularly enlists FOIA to access and analyze public records, but also for the BGA's legal and policy units.
  • BGA: Freedom of Information

    The Better Government Association is a strong backer of First Amendment issues and works hard to ensure public assess to government. This is a collection of BGA's investigative stories using FOI requests in 2014.
  • Doctors Do Little?

    Months-long Better Government Association (BGA) investigation finds serious failings at the Cook County government health system, with doctors, nurses and other health-care workers failing to show up as scheduled, swipe in as required or work a full day – costing taxpayers big and potentially putting public safety at risk.
  • A Rush of Financial Questions

    The Better Government Association (BGA) spent eight months researching the finances of U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill), his campaign committees, and nonprofits he founded or otherwise is affiliated with. Our findings, published with the Chicago Sun-Times in a two-part series, paint a troubling portrait of Rush, and question whose interests he’s really serving in Congress.
  • Maywood Confidential

    On the evening of Oct. 23, 2006, as a premature snow fell in parts of the Chicago area, Maywood (Illinois) Police Officer Tom Wood pulled his marked SUV to a dimly lit corner known for drug sales, rolled down his window part of the way and began talking to somebody, likely a person he knew. Within minutes gunfire exploded from the street, ripping through the car and hitting Officer Wood in the head and elsewhere, killing the 37-year-old father of five almost instantly. More than six years later, the murder is still unsolved, and an eerie pall has been cast over the official investigation, and Maywood itself. The nonprofit Better Government Association (BGA) and WFLD-TV/FOX Chicago set out to determine what happened – why Officer Wood was killed and why the official investigation into his death had failed to produce an arrest or criminal charges. In a figurative sense, our findings (which form the basis for our entry) indict not a person, but a culture of corruption and apathy in Maywood that may have contributed to Officer Wood’s death, and certainly played a role in the subsequently botched homicide probe.
  • Financial Exposure

    This report unravels a scandal - complex, contentious, at times salacious - that rocked the financial fortress of Wall Street. When Christian Leigh Curry, a junior analyst for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, was fired after nude photos of him surfaced in a gay porn magazine, the employee shot back with a racial and sexual discrimination suit. MSDW's computers allegedly contained racist and homophobic e-mail, which it claims were planted by Curry. MSDW also allegedly falsified business records to cover payments to a source for information against Curry.