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  • Baltimore Sun: The Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force Scandal

    The Baltimore Sun’s coverage of arguably the biggest corruption scandal in the history of the Baltimore Police Department continued into 2018, with the trials of the remaining officers charged in the federal case and the fallout from the case. The Sun produced work that revealed the suburban drug case that led authorities to the rogue squad, how the convictions thrust into question thousands of open and adjudicated cases involving the officers and what the trials revealed about the deep reach of the city’s drug economy.
  • Never say Never

    "Police Commissioner Ed Norris didn't want to be a cop, and many Baltimoreans sure didn't want him to be a cop here. One year after his tumultuous promotion, why is Norris still fighting to lower one of America's highest murder rates." Baltimore Magazine takes a look at Police Commissioner Ed Norris, who became the Baltimore Police Department's "Top Cop" in 2000 after being brought to the city as deputy commissioner from New York City. In New York, Norris, the son of veteran from the NYC Police Department, quickly rose from the ranks of captain to deputy commissioner when the city began to lower its crime rate in 1995. But when Norris decided to go to Baltimore he was met by resistance from community groups as well as some elected officials, who were concerned he was bringing a "New York" style of policing to Baltimore. Now Norris has managed to quiet most of his skeptics and is focusing on lowering the city's high murder rate.
  • "The Good Shoot"

    When Dominic "Buddy" Defino lifted a gun toward Baltimore police officers Mike Caperoon and Derek Phyall, they shot him nine times. A few minutes later, Defino was dead. His death was ruled a justifiable homicide, but that didn't make it any less painful for his family, his neighbors -- or the cops who killed him.
  • (Untitled)

    Balitmore Sun analyzes the problems of the Baltimore Police Department in its attempts to combat the highest crime rate in Baltimore history. The report explains to citizens why their streets are unsafe, and why police have been unable to make a difference. The articles led to changes in police strategy and internal discipline within the department, 1994.

    WJZ-TV (Baltimore) reports on a close relationship between an auto body shop and towing service and the Baltimore Police Department, which allows the towing service drivers to take advantage of accident victims by using illegal and unethical sales tactics on expensive repair work at their shops, Nov. 16, 1992.