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  • Gaming the Lottery: An International Investigation of the Nearly $300 Billion Industry

    This project extended our investigation into the global lottery industry. In 2018 we revealed Massachusetts’ failure to implement the policy it had announced to monitor frequent lottery winners and the state’s wildly inequitable system of distributing lottery proceeds, the cynical targeting of poor people in Bolivia and systemic corruption in the South African lottery. We filed more than a dozen FOIA requests, analyzed hundreds of thousands of records, read hundreds of documents, scraped 17 years of lottery grant recipients’ data. We conducted dozens of interviews, generated widespread media pickup and interest from colleagues in multiple countries, Our findings and reporting led to arrests and official investigations in the United States and South Africa.
  • Chapecoense: The dark aspects of the catastrophe

    An aircraft belonging to the Bolivian company LaMia crashed into a mountain in the Department of Antioquia, Colombia, on Nov. 28, 2016, killing 71 and injuring 6 with varying degrees of severity. Almost the entire Brazilian soccer team Asociación Chapecoense de Fútbol died in the greatest aviation tragedy in the history of this sport. This is the starting point for the documentary “Chapecoense: The dark keys of the catastrophe,” a production by CNN en Español in which a team of journalists conducted a thorough investigation that spanned more than a year and 10 countries.
  • Slaves in Amazon Forced to Make Material Used in Cars

    In Brazil, Peru and Bolivia hundreds of thousands of unemployed men and women are being recruited for slavery. The workers for the slave-camps make charcoal, while being forced to live without housing, electricity or plumbing, and without pay.
  • Trouble on Tap

    "The story explored the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's decisions to award San Francisco-based Bechtel Group with a $45 million contract to manage the renovation of the city's water system." Bechtel's track record in Bolivia points to cost increases and privatization, and in that case, riots in response to water rate hikes.
  • The Earth Wrecker

    This article examines the history of Bechtel Group Inc., a giant multinational engineering and construction firm based out of San Francisco. Among other findings, Chatterjee reports that a subsidiary of Bechtel Group Inc. in Bolivia had hiked prices by as much as 300 percent.
  • (Untitled)

    The Progressive reports on several different fronts of the "War on Drugs;" finds American diplomats and the CIA involved in illicit drug trafficking; U.S. pressure on Bolivia to use its military to terrorize its citizens; questions the U.S. plan to strengthen the military of Peru to fight narcotics trade in light of the country's fragile civilian government, and what the drug war is doing to the Bill of Rights in this country, July 1991.
  • (Untitled)

    NBC Radio News reporters go to Bolivia to see Reagan's war on drugs in action, interviewing government officials, coca growers and U.S. and Bolivian troops, Oct. 29, 1986.