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  • “Light, Sweet, Crude: a former US ambassador peddles influence in Afghanistan

    In 2010, Zalmay Khalilzad, former US Ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan in the George W. Bush administration, tried unsuccessfully to win an oil contract in Afghanistan by wielding his political influence gained through the US-led invasion and occupation on behalf an oil company, Tethys Petroleum, with which he had professional ties and financial stakes. My investigation unearthed damning documentation of his influence peddling not previously made public nor reported upon. It also revealed a source who alleged only to me that Khalilzad paid for inside information, which, if true, could amount to an illegal bribe under Afghanistan’s Hydrocarbons Law and the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Hubris: Selling the Iraq War

    On the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, MSNBC and NBC Peacock Productions produced a one-hour documentary with Rachel Maddow that follows, step-by-step, the Bush administration’s campaign of misused intelligence and apocalyptic rhetoric to lead the American people into the most disastrous foreign intervention since Vietnam.
  • Hatred At Home

    A comprehensive exploration of the prosecution of three domestic terrorists from Columbus, Ohio, featuring a detailed look at the investigations that led to their arrests and background on the Bush administration's war on domestic terror.
  • Trashing Your Tax Dollars

    The NBC2 Investigators uncovered wasteful spending in a multi-million dollar federal program mean to re-stabilize neighborhoods hard hit by foreclosures. The program - called NSP (Neighborhood Stabilization Program) - utilized stimulus money approved during the George W. Bush administration to buy foreclosed homes, refurbish them and then sell them to families who would live in them, thus stabilizing a neighborhood. In our area, the program was administered by our county (Lee) and another program was administered by our city (Fort Myers). Our investigation of the county-run program found they were throwing away perfectly good appliances and replacing them with more expensive products. Not only could they have kept those appliances in the home - leaving them more money to refurbish others - but the appliances they did throw away could have gone to people in need in our community. Ultimately, our story forced the county to change policies in the program. They now coordinate with a local non-profit to donate all appliances and equipment once meant for the landfill.
  • Unmasking Terrorism

    The ground-breaking coverage of three reporters gave readers an in-depth look inside U.S. torture cells overseas.
  • The Fed Who Blew the Whistle

    Justice Department official Tom Tamm leaked information during the Bush administration and its secret domestic surveillance program.
  • Smoke and Mirrors

    "This four-part series documents the slow but complete transformation of the EPA from an agency legally bound to protect and improve the environment to an agency that used an array of political tricks to avoid its Congressional mandate. The series major findings are that the Bush administration appointed an administrator who would do its bidding on behalf of the corporate community; allowed important decisions to languish in the courts, thereby delaying the implementation of various regulations for years; developed a 'voluntary' anti-pollution program that actually rewards polluters; and ignored the science that underpins sound environmental policy."
  • Iraq -- The War Card: Orchestrated Deception on the Path to War

    The project, the product of two and half years of reporting and research, produced a 380,000-word database that juxtaposes what President Bush and seven top officials were saying for public consumption against what was known, or should have been known, on a day-to-day basis. This fully searchable database includes the public statements, drawn from both primary sources (such as official transcripts) and secondary sources (such as major news organizations) over the two years beginning on September 11, 2001. It also interlaces relevant information from government reports, books, articles, speeches and interviews. An interactive timeline shows the examination of the records. All 935 records highlighted false statements and hundreds of secondary accounts that illuminate the discrepancies between what was being said against what was known privately, for a two-year time span.
  • Bush Library Scandal

    The three parts of the series deal with indications that senior White House officials in the administration of George W. Bush were being made available to foreign politicians and making policy announcements in return for donations to the Bush library fund.
  • Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at Stake for American Power

    This book investigates the response by U.S. companies and the U.S. government to the raising of environmental health standards by the European Union. The book reveals the Bush Administration's policy of retreating from environmental responsibility, while the rest of the world embraces it. The book explores the effects of this attitude on the environment, health of U.S. citizens and international relations.