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  • A Candidate Exposed: Investigating Sheriff Paul Babeu

    Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu made frequent appearances on national media programs most often espousing strong partisan political views about his positions on immigration, border security and guns. He was labeled a rising star by many including members of his own party. But when Paul Babeu first started talking about running for congress, we realized nobody really knew too much about his background. By the time Paul Babeu declared his candidacy for congress in January 2012, we had already begun to work on going past the hyperbolic political rhetoric to examine candidate Babeu’s background and Sheriff Babeu’s job performance. Over the next five months, in at least a dozen exclusive investigative reports, ABC15 Investigators uncovered and exposed the dark side to Paul Babeu’s past and chronicled the troubling patterns of his performance as Pinal County Sheriff. Our entry for the IRE Award includes our exclusive and explosive reports revealing Babeu’s inappropriate relationship with a student while he served as headmaster of a Massachusetts boarding school. Our stories also shed light on his performance in office. Our relentless investigations and our efforts to provide our viewers with facts about Sheriff Paul Babeu contributed to his decision to withdraw from the race and end his candidacy for U.S. Congress.
  • Stem Cell, Contraception Groups paid Huck

    Financial disclosure statements from Mike Huckabee show he accepted thousands of dollars from public health groups advocating causes considered anathema to the conservative activists whose support he used to gain momentum for the 2008 Presidential candidacy.
  • (Untitled)

    The Los Angeles Times discloses a pattern of campaign contributions just before the 1992 presidential election by senior career Agriculture Department employees to a political action committee supporting Bill Clinton's candidacy. Many of these same employees, who contributed after being solicited by their superiors, were later promoted when the new Administration took office. (Nov. 19, 1994 - Oct. 12, 1995)
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    The Los Angeles Times takes an indepth look at how Assemblyman Scott Baugh is being investigated by the district attorney's office for alleged campaign finance irregularities in a special election in the 67th Assembly District. The DAs office is also investigating his links to the candidacy of Democrat Laurie Campbell, who was removed from the ballot by a Sacramento Superior Corut judge for filing falsified nomination papers. (Oct. 16, 19, 27, 1995; Nov. 29, 30, 1995; Dec. 7, 20, 23, 30, 1995)
  • (Untitled)

    When Golden Rule Insurance Co. chairman Pat Rooney announced his candidacy for governor of Indiana, he pointed to his success as an insurance executive as a reason to be elected. The reporting led to a close look at his insurance company's marketing stratey, lobbying and legal tactics and its practices of aggressively denying claims and cancelling policies of gravely ill people. (Oct.8-10, 1995)
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    Common Cause Magazine reports on the common practice by Congressional candidates of using campaign funds for personal purposes, such as automobiles, mortgage payments, apartment rents, living expenses, and even personal income; the Federal Election Commission allows almost any expense if it falls between the day a candidate declares his or her candidacy and election day, Fall 1992.