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  • "Predator Priests" Grand Jury Report

    In August 2018, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro released a grand jury report outlining the alleged abuse of hundreds of children at the hands of priests in several Roman Catholic Dioceses across Pennsylvania. Investigative reporter Paul Van Osdol began immediately sifting through the report to find out where the men outlined in the report were today and what they were doing. The most shocking case he uncovered was that of an accused priest from the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese who was a practicing counselor just across the state line in Ohio.
  • The Bishop's Bad Moves

    These stories include online and print coverage of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Diocese of Orange County, California. "Major findings include the diocese paid an admitted child molester $100,000 to stay quiet, that the bishop tried to cover up a molestation allegation in his past, and that he also documented molestations but didn't report them as required by California law."
  • "Church struggles with change"

    This USA Today story describes changes in the Catholic Church in America. There are fewer parishes and fewer priest in the U.S. now then there was in 1990. And fewer of the nation's 65 million Catholics attend mass.
  • Faith amid growing Masses: Collin sees Baptist stronghold fade as wave of Catholics migrates to area

    In the last 10 years in Dallas and Collin counties, a 50-year trend in religious affiliation has been reversed. Catholicism has become the dominant religion in previously Baptist strongholds. The story, based on data from the Census and the Glenmary Research Center in Nashville, Tenn., examines how migration over the years has changed the religious makeup and how that in turn has changed communities.
  • Enemy of the state

    The Pioneer Press investigates the death of Father John Kaiser, a Minnesotan missionary in Kenya, who died mysteriously of a shotgun blast to the head alongside a road north of Nairobi in August 2000. The series reveals that Kaiser had undertaken a courageous campaign against President Daniel Moi. The stories refute the Kenyan authorities' conclusion that the priest committed suicide. "In fact, [we] were told by a member of the Kenyan government how he was killed by police officers," Laszewski reports.
  • The Deathcare Business

    U.S. News & World Report investigates how the funeral industry is making lots of money off people's grief. The article reports on the 20-year-long crusade of a Catholic priest, Henry Wasielewski, to educate funeral buyers about morticians' markups. One of the findings is that chain-owned funeral homes charge customers the most and often have unfair practices . "In the past five years, funeral prices have risen three times faster than the cost of living," the magazine reports
  • Shadow Church

    The Kiplinger Report focuses on what could be the Catholic Church's biggest threat in the future: priests who are leaving in order to get married. "By 2000, many Catholic reform groups believe there will be more married ex-priests than active priests." Several Catholic groups wish to give the clergy the right to marry and to eliminate the concept of celibacy in hopes of retaining clergy..
  • Brother Leo: A Catholic Scandal

    CNN tells the story of a Catholic monk who stood up to the powers of the church to make sure the billion-dollar fortune of a friend went to the poor of Latin America instead of into church coffers; uncovers wrongdoing by J. Peter Grace, Cardinal Krol, and the bishops of Corpus Christi, Texas, March 6 - 10, 1985.