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  • Best Neighborhoods

    This project used polling to determine what matters to people in choosing a place to live and how much they care about it, then rated those for more than 1,000 Census tracts in the Dallas area and mapped those tracts to the neighborhoods they contained.
  • The nine states of Oregon

    This report explores how long-term economic forces in Oregon are redrawing the state map, resulting in political gridlock and conflicting views on how best to compete in the global economy. By analyzing a database they created using statistics from the Census, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the state Employment Data, the team from the Oregonian outlined nine distinctive regions in the state. Coupled with extensive interviews from people, the information showed how each of these regions exhibits its owns values, economic approach and political outlook.
  • (Untitled)

    Des Moines Register reports on the high rate of infant mortality in Des Moines and finds that half of the deaths occurred in just nine of the city's 52 census tracts, June 9 - 12, 1991.