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  • More evidence emerges on Jan Boxill

    This story was published in The Daily Tar Heel after the release of an independent investigation into fake classes at UNC Chapel Hill. These courses were used to keep athletes eligible to play for nearly two decades. As a renown academic and athletic institution, the scandal has tarnished the reputation of the University. The people indicted by the scandal — mostly professors, athletic staff and athletic counselors — have complicated stories that The Daily Tar Heel have aimed to tell this year. This story aimed to feature a key player and a high-up UNC leader, Jan Boxill. A highly accoladed sports ethics professor with a close relationship to UNC athletics, she was the last person anyone expected to be involved in the scandal — "the most ethical person I knew," her colleagues told me. The October 2013 external report found Boxill steered athletes to "independent study" courses that were fake and used to bolster GPAs. The classes were the perfect guise for such impropriety because at the time, there was little oversight of independent studies. Because The Daily Tar Heel found her an interesting character, they scoured over emails and documents, finding that she taught 160 independent study courses. According to her superiors within the philosophy department, that number is highly unusual. This story tried to convey her complicated — and mysterious — legacy at UNC.
  • Sexual Assault Data

    Sexual assault on campuses has been a hot-button issue for more than a year, and The Daily Tar Heel is constantly looking for ways to uncover new information. For months, editors at the newspaper pushed for data regarding the adjudication of sexual assault. This request was finally granted in fall 2014, and my story is the result of these public records. They felt this story was important to tell because many people wonder why colleges handle the punishment of this violent crime. But the story used data and experts from both the university and criminal justice system to show how both sides struggle to adjudicate sexual assault. In addition, the story explored how sexual assault survivors rely on having a multitude of options to keep them safe on campus. However, that system only works if student rapists are actually punished for their crimes.
  • UNC Academic Fraud

    The News & Observer's reporting revealed one of the worst academic fraud cases ever seen at an American university -- more than 200 lecture-style classes over a 14-year-period that never met, and largely benefited athletes at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. It also revealed another athletic-related scandal: The mom of a basketball star had been hired to fund raise, and engaged in an affair with the vice chancellor for fundraising, with both then taking personal trips at university expense. The reporting forced the resignations of the chancellor, vice chancellor and his favorite fundraiser, as well as the academic chairman behind the bogus classes. It prompted numerous internal reforms related to the oversight and accountability of academic, athletic and fundraising matters. It also prompted at least five separate investigations, including criminal, which is still underway, and has put tremendous pressure on the NCAA to investigate.
  • Who's Watching the Cops?

    This article looks into the usefulness of civilian oversight of the police and allegations against them due to excessive force are handled by two towns in the area of coverage. Additionally, everyone agrees public oversight of the police is necessary, but not sure if it the most effective. Further, the public oversight group only has so much power and is often left without taking corrective action.
  • Bracing for the Worst

    This story details potential terrorist targets in a small town like Chapel Hill. The article includes a list of potential targets like the university science and research centers and the nuclear plant in the vicinity. Another issue that the story talks about is what people should do in case of such emergencies.