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    Daily Herald explores the situation in which five Chicago Magnet Wire Corp. executives were indicted on various charges for recklessly exposing employees to toxic chemicals, September 1985.
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    News-American (Baltimore) runs series, "The Disposable Workers," on the use of subcontracted day laborers for whom working condition regulations are loose; looks specifically at the case of an unskilled drifter hired to clean deadly chemicals--which trained employees would not touch--who died the same day, April 1981.
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    New York Times articles find a Connecticut company intentionally and secretly deposited vast amounts of dangerous chemicals over a period of years into Waterbury's water and soil, October 1982.
  • Cancer Cover-UP

    Valley Advocate (Springfield, Mass.) runs article on Monsanto workers' exposure to cancer-causing chemicals local plant and the company's systematic effort to cover up information about exposure.
  • Monsanto's Bottomless Pits

    Springfield (Mass.) Valley Advocate runs article on continuing contamination of groundwater and the Connecticut River as a result of Monsanto's dumping of chemical wastes. (Supplement: Contamination of Ground Water by Toxic Organic Chemicals--Council on Environmental Quality, January 1981.)
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    Indianapolis Star series, titled "Chemscam," finds chemical industry has used cash and gifts to bribe dozens of government, school and hospital administrators to buy more than $10 million in unneeded stocks of chemicals, August 1982.
  • Dangerous Chemicals Still Found in Paints

    Wall Street Journal runs article on agency failure to take action on four dangerous chemicals, known as glycol ethers, still found in some paints; OSHA failed to act despite urging from government scientists.
  • Workers' Safety in Chemical Plants

    Daily Herald finds that while the number of dangerous chemicals workers are exposed to in the workplace has exploded, government testing and regulation of those chemicals has lagged; many companies drop through the regulatory cracks.
  • Independent Product Testers Lie to FDA, EPA

    Sacramento Bee articles uncover fraud in the government's regulatory apparatus involving independent testing firms for drugs, chemicals and pesticides; focuses on Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories, whose officials were convicted of fabricating product tests; asks how many tests on file with the FDA, EPA are invalid.
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    Blade Tribune (Oceanside, Calif.) examines safety at a local chemical plant and finds company failed to report many incidents of hazardous chemicals being released into the environment.