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  • The Fall of the House of Bush

    Unger's book "examines how and why America took a radical turn to the right under George W. Bush thanks to the coming together of two powerful historic movements, neoconservatism and the Christian Right." It also examines how these two movements influenced the White House and the decision to go to Iraq.
  • End-Time Christians Promote War with President Bush's Administration

    According to close observers of President George W. Bush, End-Time Christian leaders have influenced Bush so that he has become steeped in the ideas of Armageddon, the Apocalypse and war with satanic forces in the Middle East. President Bush is also said to be trying to construct an American theocracy to fulfill God’s end-of-days plan.
  • Hillary's Prayer

    Hillary Clinton is involved in a religious prayer circle called "the Fellowship" which includes high-powered politicians that hope to restore Jesus back into Capitol Hill. This article looks into how both politics and faith shape Hillary into the person she is today.
  • The Purge

    "Christians in Iraq are being hunted, murdered, and driven from their homes in a wave of ethnic cleansing perhaps more brutal than any in the community's 2,000-year history. Before the U.S. invasion, Iraq was home to more than a million Christians- a small but thriving minority, which Saddam Hussein protected. Under the American occupation, Iraq's Christian community, one of the oldest in the world, has been driven towards extinction."
  • A Killer's Turn

    Chicago Life Magazine looks at the case of Renaldo Hudson, a 37 year-old inmate on death row for a murder he committed in 1983. " But while on death row, the once angry and violent hoodlum became an exemplary prisoner and role model. . . Many people, including some prison guards and officials, agree that he is the most unusual of examples- a bad man gone good." Hudson says it was his religious flight to Islam and then to Christianity that helped him become a better man. 'I realized that I didn't want to die being good for nothing or no one.' Now supporters of Hudson are hoping to reverse his death sentence and get him out. But proponents of the death penalty argue that once he gets out he may reverse back.
  • Dim Bulb

    "For more than two decades, Hennepin County has paid the Salvation Army to feed, house, and supervise 300 homeless adults a day in the Army's Harbor Light Shelter Minneapolis ... But since early 1998, the county has been knowingly doing business with a homeless shelter plagued by lax security and inefficient management. According to documents obtained by City Pages and scores of interviews, problems at Harbor Light include incompetent staff, relentless turnover, woefully inadequate security, on-site drug dealing, and at least one incident of rape. "
  • I'll Be Damned

    The author infiltrated a Christian cult called the Church of Bible Understanding. Cult leader Stewart Traill and his wife live in luxury while members work long hours, turn over their paychecks, and lived crowded in squalid conditions.
  • The Souring of the Good Reverend's Nature

    Outside investigates acts of ecoterrorism in Peace County, Alberta, Canada. Gas and oil wells have been sabotaged, and some residents suspect the Rev. Wiebo Ludwig, who lives with his family in a 320-acre compound. Ludwig has been trying to publicize the environmental problems energy companies are causing in Peace County.
  • (Untitled)

    Village Voice (New York) recounts the brutal rape and murder of a young woman by one of the top three skate board professionals in the world; describes the lavish Southern California lifestyle he led as a result of his skating, celebrity status, modeling career and endorsements; tells how the young man has converted to Christianity and now is blaming childhood sexual abuse, drugs, alcohol, the victim herself, and apparently everyone but himself for the crime, Dec. 8, 1992.