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  • "Court ignores NY rules on filing documents"

    Public access to court documents has been hampered in some areas of New York state. Instead of submitting documents to be formally filed, lawyers passed them "directly to judges' chambers." Consequently, the files never made it to the proper place to be accessible to the public.
  • Clerk's Office Corruption: Following the Money

    Investigations into Shelby County Clerk, Maureen Bowers, revealed she accepted personal payment to to register vehicles for customers in the Hispanic community. Bowers bribed other officials to verify false identities in order for illegals to acquire vehicle registration.
  • Deed Scam Hits Lee

    Hoyem's story uncovers how scam artists in Southwest Florida forged property deeds with the signatures of dead property owners, stealing and re-selling land to get rich quick.
  • Debate as rare as 'no' votes on Cook County Board

    This investigation found that Cook County Commissioners say they have little power as individuals, and have no defined, specific responsibilities. Many say most of the items that come before them are routine "housekeeping" matters. The board passed every one of the thousands of items that came before it in the last three years, and lobbying and back-room compromises often took the place of open debate and negotiation. The commissioners also defend practices of county leaders hiring friends and political associates.
  • Metro's County Clerk

    A four-month investigation exposing how Davidson County Clerk Bill Covington abused his office--at taxpayer expense. Findings included: Covington's use of a government employee to make repeated beer runs and do other personal errands; his circumvention of county purchasing procedures; and using government resources to operate a private direct-mail business.
  • 2002 IRE National Conference Show and Tell Tape #1,

    2002 IRE National Conference (San Francisco) Show and Tell Tape #1 features the following stories: 1) Mark Greenblatt (KOAA-Colorado Springs) Knives and other weapons are brought into area schools, but local authorities do a poor job of keeping track of the infractions. 2) Joe Ducey (KRON-San Francisco) A loophole in food transportation laws in California allows small wholesalers to truck food that should be kept cold in hot vehicles without facing any penalties. 3) Anna Werner (KHOU-Houston) presents short clips of broadcasts that illustrate good use of graphics and sound. 4) Dave Savini (WMAQ-Chicago) Area firefighters and police officers are allowed to continue patrolling the streets despite DUI convictions. 5) Jim Strickland (WSB-Atlanta) The American Biographical Institute sells dubious awards like "Man of the Year" to Regular Joes for exuberant prices. 6) Dan Noyes (ABC 7-San Francisco) A local towing company illegally tows cars that have been parked for only a half hour, instead of waiting the required hour before towing. 7) Tony Kovaleski (ABC 7-Denver) Jefferson County school bus drivers are forced to drive unsafe buses. 8) Bill Sheil (Fox 8-Cleveland) A local Muslim leader is found to have an indirect tie to an organization linked to Osama Bin Laden. 9) Twenty-five clips from various broadcasts showing camera techniques. 10) Mark Lagerkvist (News 12-Long Island) Malpractice lawsuits have a statute of limitations of two year and six months. This can harm certain patients who don't know they've been injured until five or 10 years later. 11) Darcy Spears (KVBC-Las Vegas) A local lasik eye surgery clinic recommends the surgery to all its patients -- even those who shouldn't undergo the procedure. 12) Phil Williams (WTVF-Nashville, Tenn.) A local county clerk makes one of his employees buy him beer and mow his lawn. 13) Sandra Chapman (WISH-Indianapolis) A local doctor gives out highly addictive narcotics to patients without examining them. Many of her patients are simply "dopers" who've found an easy place to buy their drugs. 14) Glen Meek (KTNV-Las Vegas) The former UCLA men's soccer coach, Todd Saldana, received his undergraduate degree from a fake university. Saldana resigned after the story broke. 15) Larry Yellen (WFLD-Chicago) Security guards at a local federal building sleep on the job.
  • Delinquent Property Taxes

    Reporters obtained the database of all the delinquent property tax cases in Fayette County since 1974. From that list of thousands of delinquent tax cases reporters found the dozen or so worst offenders in the 1990's. We discovered that the #1 delinquent property tax case involved a prominent, local developer who owed more than $100,000 and the county attorney was threatening to sell some of his property.
  • (Untitled)

    Chronicle Tribune documents charges that the Grant County clerk was playing with public money by delaying--often by as much as a year--county bank deposits.