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  • Day-care dangers; DCFS: Guilty until proven innocent; DCFS Declassified

    The series focused on how the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services protects children and found problems, including a state law with wording so flawed it couldn't work, major errors in investigating alleged child abuse that ended up accusing innocent parents and repeated errors in the investigation of a murdered boy.
  • Juvenile System Under Fire

    This investigation found that the juvenille justice system in Wayne County, MI is wracked with "fraud, overpayments and cronyism." The county overpays contractors and even awarded millions of dollars in contracts to relatives of the county sheriff and Detroit mayor. The FBI is involved in monitoring the situation, and the investigation discusses its role in the system as well.
  • Our Dead Children: Why Nebraska Fails as a Parent

    This investigation detailed the failings of Nebraska's child protection system. The reporters focus on one specific case, JayCiona Fleming, to illustrate the lack of time, resources and care that plague the system. Officials are overworked and case workers often are not as strict as they could be; as a result, many children remain in homes with unqualified or addicted parents.
  • Foster Care

    These stories are the result of a several year long investigation which found that as many as half of Los Angeles County's foster children were needlessly placed into the system. Furthermore, the system is sometime more dangerous than their original home. These placements are encouraged by financial incentives in state and federal laws, which allow counties to receive up to $150,000 for placing and keeping a child in foster care. Children in LA County's foster care systems are six to seven times for likely to be mistreated and three times more likely to be killed than children outside of the system.
  • The Man With Too Many Children

    Peter Digre is responsible for 73,000 troubled children, as head of Los Angeles County's Department of Children and Family Services. There are plenty of good ideas for improving child welfare in America, but the size of the the problem overwhelms even the most dedicated reformer.
  • (Untitled)

    The Chicago Reporter finds that the Illinois Department of Children and family Services can't cope with its current caseload of 45,000 children. For more than two years, Chicagoans have been barraged by a series of horror stories about children who have been killed or seriously neglected because of missteps or flaws in the system. (January, 1995)