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  • Stripping Funds

    After months of public records requests, we finally obtained thousands of heavily redacted receipts by the Port of Oakland. We honed in on one for $4,500 on a poorly copied receipt. It was from a business in Houston. A quick online map search showed us the business was a notorious strip club. Another receipt led us to another business closer to home. A karaoke bar suspected to be a house of prostitution where Port clients were being entertained at the public's expense. Several nights of surveillance brought to light another discovery. Oakland Police Officers were making regular visits to this club while on duty.
  • Abbokinase

    A KTVU Channel 2 News investigation of the risks "associated with a clot-busting agent known as Abbokinase" revealed that a source of the drug, stillborn infants, poses a potential risk of spreading disease and is surrounded by serious ethical issues.
  • Candy Kids

    KTVU's investigation of how child labor laws are violated when "Candy Kids" are used to sell candy. The authors found that many of these children, some as young as eight years old, are part of a loose nationwide network that all too often places them in illegal and unsafe conditions.
  • Concord Naval Weapons Station

    KTVU-TV (Oakland, Calif.) reveals that hundreds of accidents involving bombs, missiles and possible radioactive materials had taken place at a military base near Oakland and kept secret by the military, Sept. 26 - 27, 1993.