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  • SB Tribune/ProPublica: Criminal Justice in Elkhart, Indiana

    Reports by the South Bend Tribune and ProPublica revealed deep flaws and abuses of power in the criminal justice system in Elkhart, Indiana -- from new revelations in the wrongful convictions of two innocent men, to the promotions of police supervisors with serious disciplinary records, to the mishandling of police misconduct cases -- and led to the resignation of the police chief, an independent investigation of the department and criminal charges against two officers.
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    Elkhart (Ind.) Truth reports on John Howard Yoder, a Mennonite minister who teaches at Notre Dame and who is regarded as one of the century's most prominent theologians; Yoder's ministerial credentials were suspended over allegations of sexual harassment; an unpublished essay by Yoder confirmed victims' contentions that Yoder had constructed a biblical and ethical framework for his misconduct, June 29 and July 12 - 16, 1992.
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    National Law Journal reports on the lawsuits brought by unions to prevent companies from closing plants and moving them overseas; finds a federal tax loophole that encourages large corporations to move abroad; profiles the battle between American Home Products and the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union over a proposed plant closure in Elkhart, N.J., and its move to Puerto Rico, July 29, 1991.