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  • Cuba: An Elusive Truth

    This story is a ten month, in depth investigation of Cuba. The students completed hundreds of interviews to synthesize three distinct perspective: those of the Miami exiled community, the Cuban government and the Cuban people. The students found that there is no absolute truth about the country; the embargoes, government programs, media, and tourism all have both positive and negative consequences for the country. The story has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for international journalism.
  • Revelation 1963

    New Times tells "the previously unknown story of George Joannides, the chief of CIA psychological welfare operations in Miami in 1963, whose student agents surveilled and collected intelligence on Lee Harvey Oswald three months before the assassination of President Kennedy..." The article finds a relationship between Oswald and the CIA's psychological warfare operations aimed at overthrowing the Cuban government. The investigation documents the covert operation involving an anti-Castro student group and its connection with Oswald.
  • Family baggage

    Miami New Times chronicles the life of brothers Octavio and Antonio, native Cubans who frequently smuggle goods from Miami exiles into Cuba for the exiles' family members. Glasgow concentrates on how smoothly the operation runs, citing examples of the brothers bribing customs agents among other antics.