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    Freelance War Reporter Alex Quade exclusively embedded with Special Forces “A-Teams” in Iraq, as they went after high value terrorist targets & called in airstrikes with A-10s & F-16s during combat missions. Quade spent years tracking down those same aircraft, to bring the audience on ride-alongs to explain their close air support role. Quade battled military PAOs to allow her to release her video now, as it explains how airstrikes are conducted with Special Forces today in Iraq & Syria. This is the very first soup-to-nuts explainer of close air support from all angles.
  • Guard Approves Donor Democrats for Flights in F-16

    "The commander of the Indiana National Guard, Maj. Gen. George A. Buskirk, approved flights on an F-15 fighter jet for mostly major Democrat contributors and party activists." Previous commanders did not grant so many special flights; the increase seems even more shady once one realizes that Buskirk himself is a large contributor to Indiana Democrats. He justified many of the flights by saying that the person had some something good for either Indiana or the National Guard, but his excuses didn't hold up to scrutiny.
  • Guard Approves Donor Democrats for Flight in F-16

    The commander of the Indiana National Guard approved flights on an F-16 fighter jet for mostly major Democrat contributors or party activists
  • Flying high - U.S. Air Force pilots on speed

    An ABC investigation reveals that, "in a little known policy, Air Force F-16 combat pilots, currently flying long night missions over Afghanistan, are being kept awake with speed - "go-pills" - amphetamines issued to them by their superior officers." The main findings are that the pilots are told to take the pills or otherwise would be found unfit for the missions; the pills -- Dexedrine -- are highly addictive and banned for use by commercial pilots and truck drivers; the FDA has not approved the drug for treatment of fatigue.
  • Our Cherished Perks

    The Journal reports on the numerous perks members of the Beltway power circle enjoy. These "rewards", paid for mostly by taxpayers, range from free rides in F-16s to being able to borrow anything from the National Gallery of Art.
  • "The Big Sell"

    This report features arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin as an example of how the balance of power between buyer and seller has shifted in the international arms trade. A global dropoff in high-tech arms sales has even top-selling Lockheed Martin struggling to stay afloat, offering top-of-the-line equipment at bargain-basement prices to countries like the United Arab Emirates.