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  • Liquidating the Forests

    “Liquidating the Forests” investigated the trail of illegal lumber stolen in Russia, shipped to China and sold in Canada. We looked at how Asia’s last remaining old growth forests, in the Russian Far East were being cut by Russian crime syndicates, then shipped to China where they were processed into hardwood flooring. This clear cutting in Siberia is also responsible for decimating the population of the world’s last remaining Siberian tigers who live in this unique habitat. Our investigation was able to trace the wood back to the world’s biggest flooring retailer, Lumber Liquidators which sold these floors at a deep discount across North America.
  • Factory Slaves

    The investigation into the plight of migrant workers follows the story of a young girl who left her home in Cambodia on the promise of a good factory job but arrived only to become a debt-bonded slave.
  • BP Spikes Prices

    The story covers the alleged manipulation of West Coast crude oil prices by BP, based on 4,000 pages of evidence released from the antitrust case concerning the merger between BP and Amoco. By practicing exports to Far East at a lower net prices, using a computer software to determine the maximum possible accepted price for the crude oil delivered to rafineries and charging differenciated prices for the same product, the scheme contributed to the reason why West Coast motorists pay about 20 cents more/gallon than the national average. Four follow up stories are also included.
  • (Untitled)

    The story details unhealthy working conditions in Third World factories producing American toys, including Barbie dolls. Workers in Far Eastern countries are overworked, underpaid, and have no rights. Many are sick from the unhealthy environments, including exposure to lead poisoning and other chemicals, but they are too afraid to organize.
  • Tiger Trade

    This was an investigation into the illegal international trade in Tiger body parts and derivitives. We went undercover to document the sale fo tiger parts and the poaching in the consumption of tiger parts in the markets and drug stores of the far east.
  • (Untitled)

    Los Angeles Herald Examiner publishes a 160-story series about lax ethics and conflicts of interest in Los Angeles city government; finds mayor Tom Bradley accepted funds from businesses the city worked with and failed to report $238,000 in personal finances, March - November 1989.