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  • Memphis councilman Berlin Boyd’s business relationships entangled in FedEx Logistics move

    If you thought a person couldn’t be on more than two sides of a deal, our investigation will encourage you to think again. In a city that serves as the global headquarters to FedEx, the logistics giant looms large over civic life. But while there’s long been precedent of a rotating door between the company and the Chamber of Commerce and City Council, our investigation revealed new heights of dueling loyalties in the form of a local legislator, Berlin Boyd.
  • Offshore Secrets

    The Center for Public Integrity's International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) sparked public outrage and government action throughout 2014 by exposing secret tax deals and offshore holdings involving a multitude of powerful players in the U.S. and beyond – including Pepsi, Disney, FedEx and other mega-corporations; Communist China’s political and financial elite; a top U.K. government minister; even the president of the Republic of Seychelles.
  • "Airbags for sale"

    When WINK-TV received a tip that a local teenager had sold the airbag out of his car for $900, the station's investigation revealed a troubling trend. People were selling their airbags -- 732 airbag auctions on eBay -- and often shipping them via the mail, UPS or FedEx without dismantling the discharge device. A fire marshal detonated an improperly packaged airbag to show the risk.
  • Issue of Police Access To Express Parcels is No Open-and-Shut Case

    As drug dealers send cash and narcotics via "X-Daddy" (FedEx), tension is building between shippers and law enforcement over access to suspect packages. U.S. Customs Service seized 970 drug-laden packages in '99, up from 69 in '96. The U.S. Attorney in Richmond, Va., has accused UPS of failing to cooperate on one of its investigations. Shippers maintain their priority is simply on-time delivery.
  • (Untitled)

    Wall Street Journal reveals how the fashion industry is terrified of new high-technology methods of copying styles; whereas in the past the copies at least lagged behind original designs, fax machines and Fedex packages enable companies wanting to rip-off designs to move merchandise globally and with ease, Aug. 8, 1994.