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  • Postmedia: Follow the Money

    Follow the Money is a data journalism project conceived by reporter Zane Schwartz as part of a year-long Postmedia fellowship. “I was frustrated by the way donations to politicians are recorded,” says Schwartz. “We know money matters in politics, but figuring out who is consistently giving that money to candidates and parties requires a level of detective-work out of reach for the average voter.” To address this gap, Schwartz worked with a team of journalists at Postmedia to create an accessible search tool for contributions at both the federal level and in every province and territory — a first of its kind.
  • News 8 Investigates: Government Oversight

    This entry is a "follow the money trail" report on questionable spending by city government on a significant building project.
  • Deutsche Welle: Follow the money: What are the EU's migration policy priorities?

    In context of the refugee crisis, the European Union set up various measures to counteract and prevent people from dying on the dangerous journey to Europe. In order to contextualize policy decisions, our analysis focuses on the EU trust fund for Africa that's meant to prevent the root causes of migration as well as on the resettlement programs that are meant to provide legal and safe pathways to Europe.
  • Follow the Money

    The year-long series of investigations tracked the federal money trail of tax dollars, charity dollars, and corporate/government conflicts of interest. One investigation exposed how many federal officials took all expense paid luxurious vacations funded by taxpayer money to the failed climate summit in Copenhagen.
  • Follow the Money: Congress & TARP Oversight

    This series of watchdog stories look at spending in Congress and use of TARP funds. They used FOIA requests to gain access to TARP contracts and called into questions some questionable charitable work, sweetheart deals, financial disclosures, fund-raising, earmarks and more.
  • Follow the Money

    Corruption among street agents in the Dominican Republic has been public knowledge, but after a Chicago White Sox assistant general manager tried to bring $40,000 in undeclared cash into the United States a new story emerged: corruption among MLB employees.
  • Follow the Money

    This is an extensive series conducted to examine questionable earmarks on many levels. The story covers money trails from the Presidential election to wasted medical drugs that are (literally) being flushed down the toilet.
  • Follow the Money

    Anderson examines how the Texas political system and the White House were "dominated by a group of ultra-right-wing conservatives" through their money. "The scandals at the heart of Follow the Money are Watergate, Teapot Dome, the Whiskey Ring and Credit Mobilier rolled upinto one."
  • Seminole Gambling - Trail of Millions

    The three-day series set out to follow the money trail of the Seminole Tribe's gambling empire. The Seminoles introduced high-stakes gambling to Indian country in 1979. The reporters investigated why the money wasn't trickling down to tribal members. They found that when the Seminole Dept. of Law Enforcement took control of internal security at the Hollywood bingo hall in 1995, they discovered the same people winning over and over again. When police compared the wins recorded on video to those reported by management, they found large discrepancies. In one three-month period, the company overestimated wins by more than $600,000.