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  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Spirit of Fear

    An eight-month investigation uncovered a pattern of sexual abuse, coverups and lack of accountability that involved more than 400 sexual misconduct allegations at nearly 200 independent fundamental Baptist churches and affiliated organizations across the country.
  • Deadly Embrace

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram offers a six-part series on domestic abuse and the punishments that the law hands down for family crimes. The reporter did extensive research to identify which crimes could be classified as domestic abuse, and found more cases of husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend crime than the FBI. Interviews with family members, jurors and, in some cases, the perpetrators themselves round out the story.
  • Schools buy technology beyond current needs; Schools lag in integrating technology

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram found that "money that the federal and state governments provided to help schools connect to the Internet has brought few benefits to Texas public schools."
  • Unequal Justice

    A study by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reveals that poor defendants who cannot afford an attorney are more likely to be behind bars than defendants who can afford an attorney.
  • Why Harris Fell

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports how "The Harris Methodist Health Plan aimed to be a model for the new age of managed care. Instead, it lost hundreds of millions of dollars and became an example of an overreaching strategy gone bad."
  • Tax free, high-rent housing

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that "Tarrant County helped a developer build apartments for low-to moderate-income people. The trouble is that poor people can't afford to live in them--and it's all perfectly legal.... State and federal law give broad power to local housing corporations to set rules governing their projects... (the) Star-Telegram examination of the Trammell Crow apartments (was) based on county housing corporation records, financial statements and other documents, as well as interviews with banking and housing finance experts and state and federal officials..."
  • (Untitled)

    Fort Worth Star-Telegram runs three-part series on aspects of domestic violence, including the secretiveness that surrounds it, how it pervades race, age, education and income levels, why men beat women, how police treat the issue, how the legal system can change to fight the violence, April 5 - 7, 1992.
  • Tragic Pleasures

    Fort Worth Star-Telegram examines, in a six-part, 26 - story series, the social impact of the illegal drugs besieging North Central Texas. Includes articles on types of drug dealers, the users, drug laws, drugs and their effects, and how schools are dealing with the problem
  • Milk's dark side

    Fort Worth Star-Telegram finds Erath County dairy farms routinely dump untreated animal waste into streams, stock ponds and rivers, threatening Central Texas reservoirs and aquifers.
  • (Untitled)

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas) uncovers the improprieties of a local mental health agency; while patients waited up to a year for treatment, the director earned $200,000 per year; equipment and services were purchased for the agency from board members and their friends, often without bidding, Nov. 12 - Dec. 26, 1989.