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  • Bob Waterson stories

    The Bee found that Bob Waterson, chairman of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors, had engaged in personal and business dealings that raised ethical questions. For example, he bought a luxury vehicle at an apparent discount from a tribal official as he was opposing plans for a competing tribe's casino.
  • Living Nightmare

    This investigation exposes a dramatic revenge plot, in which a Fresno County jail guard spent nearly ten months sending at least a dozen racially charged letters to violent gang members, all in the name of machine operator Paul Perry, who angered the guard over a traffic ticket.
  • Slow track of progress

    The Fresno Bee looks at dangerous crossings in California, which need improvements. The story depicts fatalities, which could have been avoided, were there gates and lights at the spots. The reporter reveals that railroad crossings in California have been neglected "due to chronic funding shortfalls and bureaucratic inertia." Some major findings are that Fresno city lacks funding to match grants for improving the hazardous crossings, and that the neighboring city of Selma has missed multiple opportunities to go after state and federal funding. Even though numbers of accidents, injuries and fatalities have dropped sharply since the 1970s, the decline is attributed mostly to industry consolidation and track abandonment, the Bee reports. The article includes a map of a four-county area with locations of accidents recorded on railroad crossings from 1996 to 2000.