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  • NYT: Visual Investigations

    A new form of investigative journalism finds the culprits in death of Khashoggi, slaying of a Gaza medic, gassing of Syrians and killing of Nigerian protesters.
  • Opening the black box of Egypt's slush funds

    This exposé of massive corruption in Egypt at the hands of the country's military rulers and loyalists of the failed Mubarak regime launches a partnership between the Washington DC-based non-profit Angaza Foundation for Africa Reporting (TAFAR) and Africa Confidential, the longest-established English-language publication on Africa. Entitled "Opening the black box of Egypt's slush funds", the story details how Egyptian generals and senior government officials use a complex network of slush funds as their private piggy banks, siphoning off billions of dollars from the country to top-up salaries and maintain networks of political allegiances. It also describes how recent attempts to investigate these so-called special funds have led to cover-ups, including Egyptian police allegedly stealing records implicating them in the misuse of their own funds. This “deep dive” report exposing mishandled slush funds, financial cover-ups, and massive corruption in Egypt was edited by former veteran Reuters correspondent Bernd Debusman, and overseen by TAFAR’s President and Executive Director Bobby Block, a Wall Street Journal veteran.
  • The Jesus Landing Pad: Bush White House checked with rapture Christians before latest Israel move

    After obtaining memos from secret meetings between members of the White House and fundamentalist Christian leaders, the Village Voice discovered top Middle East aides who justified Israeli policy decisions because they coincided with Biblical prophesy. This investigation looks into "the role apocolyptic Christians play in sabotaging the Middle East peace process."
  • The Crossroad

    "'The Crossroad' is the story of the intersection between the main Gaza highway trafficked by Palestinians and the road from Israel to the Jewish settlement of Netzarim. This crossroad has gained infamy over the past few months not only for the number of people killed there, but also for being the place where 12-year-old Mohammad al-Dura was killed in his father's arms - a television image which has come to symbolize the current conflict. ... We hold up the crossroad as an emblem of the wider Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By using two mothers - one a Jewish settler and the other a Palestinian resident - as our main characters, our story makes some sense of a conflict that seems to make no sense at all."
  • Unlicensed Doctor Resigns

    Two days after reporting that an unlicensed doctor was preparing to administer to autistic children medicine that had yet to be approved for that purpose by the FDA , Dr. Thomas Uhrin, a graduate of a Central American medical school, resigned, and state authorities began an inquiry into his unlawful practice.
  • State Secrets

    The Tribune-Review details how Pennsylvania taxpayers have paid $26.5 million since 1975 to settle litigation arising from the misdeeds and misadventures of public officials ranging from the governor to volunteer fish commissioners. The series reveals how government agencies continued to seek court orders that seal settlements from public view despite a 1993 appellate court ruling that held such settlements are public. (August 4 - 9, 1996)
  • (Untitled)

    This Tribune-Review investigation reveals that former Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey put taxpayers into a $1.2 billion debt for the construction of prisons they didn't even own. The real owners were a group of New York state lobbyists. Some of the state's top Democrats are said to have benefitted by the deals made. (April 16, 17, 18, 1995)
  • (Untitled)

    Westmoreland County officials boasted of the efficiency and speed of its 911 emergency response system. But the Tribune-Review discovered that county officials ignored repeated warnings about systemic problims, even after six residents died while waiting for emergency help. (Sept. 24 - 25, 1995)
  • (Untitled)

    Top Penn. officials spent $100 million to construct a new maximum security institution, but the Tribune-Review finds that their haste to build more prison cells created thousands of dollars of waste. Questionable expenses included homes for three thop prison administrators, construction of an unneeded water tank and contracts for two construction managers. (July 2, 1995)
  • (Untitled)

    The Tribune Review finds that in 1993, then-Gov. Robert P. Casey saddled Penn. taxpayers with $1.2 billion worth of debt in order to refinance construction of five new prisons. Many lawmakers were unaware of the refinancing since Casey used Certificates of Participation to bypass legislative approval requirements. (April 16 - 18, 1995)