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    A Tribune-Review examination of the most recent round of Legislative Initiative Grants--commonly known as Walking Around Money or WAM grants--reveals that lawmakers initiated $24.7 million in WAM spending the first six months of this year for a vast array of projects. WAM is tax money set aside annually for legislative leaders to dole out to individual lawmakers, who in turn distribute the money to pet lawmakers. (Oct. 1994) Also see file #8872 for the 1993 WAM report.
  • Pennsylvania's PAC Money

    The Tribune-Review looks at Pennsylvania's campaign finance system. The system allows special interest groups to give millions of dollars to their friends, lobbyists to ignore disclosure requirements and virtually unlimited transfers of money.
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    This story centers around a new Islamic advocacy organization in Washington called the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and its executive director, Nihad Awad. CAIR - which has ties to the Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas - recently blamed a PBS documentary entitled Jihad in American for vandalism attacks against a pair of mosques. The story shows these charges likely to be false. It also explores Awad's current campaign to make CAIR a major player among Muslim advocacy groups. In fact, as the story finds, Awad was one of three Arab-American leaders who recently met in the White House with Martin Indyk, President Clinton's top Middle East adviser on the National Security Council. (December 22, 1994)
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    Tibune-Review (Greensburg, Pa.) exposes a $200 million slush fund of public money in the hands of legislative leaders; the money is used, sometimes frivolously, to keep party discipline and maintain power, February - March 1993.
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    Tribune-Review (Greensburg, Pa.) reports on the abuse of a secret slush fund in the Pennsylvania state government that is controlled by state legislators and allows them to buy votes and enhance their political prestige at home; legislators spent $183 million since 1988 with no public oversight, Feb. 28 - March 7, 1993.