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  • Reporting series on Abu Ghraib

    This investigative series on the Abu Ghraib prison scandal reveals that the Bush administration knew about the interrogation methods being used. Breaking all rules of the Geneva Convention, the Bush administration had declared as soon as the war on Iraq started that the conventions were not going to be adhered to. Backed by a paper trail of documents from the White House, these journalists revealed that the military personnel higher in the ranks, and not just the MP's were involved.
  • The Texas Clemency Memos

    This story reveals how George Bush violated his statement that he "carefully" reviewed all claims for clemency as the Governor of Texas. During his tenure a record number of 152 executions took place. Bush relied on summaries that ran for just a few pages before rejecting some of pleas. This in-depth piece looks at how the summaries could have misinformed Bush about the pending executions.
  • This American is Hungry...

    George magazine discovers that the booming economy has hurt America's invisible poor. In a road trip into the backyards of George W Bush and Al Gore, Maharidge found working people as desperate as the homeless. He found hunger in country houses that has a deceptive middle-class look, single mothers waiting in line for free food despite holding multiple jobs and a border town in Texas with unpaved roads and homes without running water.