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  • The Getty

    A six-month investigation of Barry Munitz, the Getty CEO, showed that he had used the trust's tax-exempt resources for himself and his friends, while cutting jobs and the Getty's budget. Getty officials also were found-out for buying antiquities from dealers they suspected of selling looted art, over the past 20 years. They also withheld incriminating evidence when Italian authorities investigated this, all the while promising "full cooperation."
  • A Crisis Of Fakes

    Even museum culture isn't free from politics, bureaucracy and pettiness. The debate which arrises around the possibility of forgeries within a museum collection has the potential to start feuds and ruin careers. It also highlights the financial relationship between art dealers and museums. The New York Times Magazine explores a scandal involving six potentially forgered drawings at the J. Paul Ghetty Museum.
  • (Untitled)

    ARTnews investigates the Getty Center, an art institute in the Santa Monica mountains scheduled to be completed this year. The estimated cost was only $650 million, but by the time the lavish complex of buildings opens, the price tag will have risen to over a billion dollars. And the whole thing sits right on top of a fault line. The Getty Trust has more money than it knows what to do with and a lot of it is being wasted in planning and building the trust's new home. (May 1996)
  • "Who's Faking Who?"

    This report profiles Thomas Hoving, the former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who now edits Connoisseur magazine, using his position to pursue a vendetta against the J. Paul Getty Museum and its director John Walsh.
  • The Getty Goes Global

    Art & Antiques analyzes the impact of the enormous J. Paul Getty Trust ($3.4 billion) on the art world.