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  • Trump & Ukraine: Fact and Fiction

    The President’s men, the Vice President’s son and a single phone call: the real story of what happened in Ukraine and why it led to impeachment hearings. As the rumors and accusations surrounding President Trump’s involvement in Ukraine started to swirl, NBC’s Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel travelled to Ukraine to talk to the key players on the ground to tell the story of why the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Joe Biden’s son was really fired. Engel and his team in Ukraine secured the first broadcast interview with the man central to the story – the Ukrainian former Prosecutor Yuri Leshenko. He revealed that President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was applying pressure for an investigation to be reopened, in an apparent attempt to dig for dirt on a political rival. He told NBC exclusively that far from being a one-off conversation, the two had spoken “around ten times”. This information was picked up and widely reported by other media.

    Politifact is a fact-checking website that focuses on the statements of the 2008 Presidential candidates, and rates the truth of each fact stated by the candidates. Statements are rated via the "Truth-O-Meter," a scale that used terms such as Pants on Fire, or Mostly True to verify what is being said. The St. Petersburg Times analyzes in further detail the truth of said facts that Politifact rates.
  • Giuliani Billed Obscure Agencies for Trips

    “The story revealed that then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s administration billed obscure agencies to provide security for his then-girlfriend Judy Nathan. These agencies had nothing to do with providing security for the mayor’s office.”
  • Wayne Barrett on Rudy Giuliani

    Reporter Wayne Barrett rocked the Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign by showing that the "9/11 Candidate" was actually tied politically to the terrorist Khalid Sheik Muhammad (KSM), the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attack. Giuliani was obtaining security contracts through the Minister of Interior in Qatar, a man named Abdallah bin Khalid, who is known to have harbored KSM and even tipped him about an FBI raid so he could escape.
  • Giuliani Law Firm Lobbies in Texas for Chavez-Controlled Citgo

    The law firm, Bracewll & Giuliani LLP, owned by Rudolph Giuliani has on its client list Citgo Petroleum Corp. Citgo Petroleum Corp. is owned by the anti-American Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
  • A Rikers to Riches Story

    An investigation by the New York Daily News revealed that "top brass of the city's jail system looted and politicized the agency. Officers were ordered to work on their bosses' homes and the campaigns of mayors Rudolph Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg and Gov. George Pataki."
  • The Missing Links

    "This is a story about the largest New York City contract ever involving the private operation of a municipal park facility. Golf legend Jack Nicklaus and his development partners are attempting to build New York City's first luxury golf course on top of an old landfill at Ferry Point Park in the Bronx, a site that has had a long history of environmental troubles. The developers are operating a new private landfill at the city park site, collecting construction and demolition debris worth tens of millions of dollars -- money that is helping finance construction of the golf course. After dumping began, levels of gases at times reached near-explosive levels, requiring emergency remediation work to protect residents of a nearby public housing project. Under the franchise agreement, the developers contend, the city of New York is liable for any further costs of environmental clean-up. The golf course project, a favorite of former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, got rammed through city government without getting reviews and approvals required by city law."
  • The Lush Life of Rudy Appointee

    An investigation by the Village Voice revealed that the aide of former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani "had been on a virtual non-stop spending splurge while serving as head of a city agency dedicated to creating affordable housing. The aide, Russell Harding, is the son of Giuliani's political mentor, Liberal Party leader, Raymond Harding. The Village Voice learned of the younger Harding's spending habits three months after Giuliani left office, when the paper "succeeded in obtaining a long-denied Freedom of Information request."
  • Hail and Farewell

    Dateline "reports on a form of discrimination many African-Americans routinely face - getting passed up by taxi drivers. This issue received widespread media coverage in November of 1999 when actor Danny Glover filed a taxi discrimination complaint after claiming he was passed up repeatedly by taxis in New York City. In response to Glover's complaint, mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced a major undercover crackdown on biased taxi drivers. Dateline launched an undercover investigation of our own to see if the city's crackdown would have any effect. We started on the first night of the announced sting operation, and shot several times over the next few months. We found that despite the unprecedented publicity over the issue, many taxi drivers were willing to pass up our African-American testers."
  • Rudy! An investigative biography of Rudolph Giuliani

    Rudy! An investigative biography tells the life story of Rudy Giuliani. Barrett and Fifield explore Giuliani's personal and public life and examine his political career and senate campaign.