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  • Give and Take

    The Give and Take series is an exhaustive investigation into Vermont's nonprofit organizations. They employ nearly one in five of the state's workers, but get little scrutiny. We combined shoe-leather reporting and data journalism to uncover a series of surprising stories that looked at compensation, fundraising, gaming, lobbying and more.
  • Give and Take

    Toronto Star reports that one sixth of Canada's charities are mostly fund-raising vehicles, barely giving any charitable works back to the public. The federal government, supposed to oversee charities, does practically nothing.
  • Give and Take

    The Denver Post found that as little as 2 cents for every dollar donated to public safety organizations, known as badge groups, goes to the charitable programs being solicited for. As much as 82 cents stay in the hands of the soliciter. "Colorado authorities rarely act if a badge group's solicitors don't report finances to the state, even though they're required to by law," the Post reported.