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  • Subsidizing Failure

    The Tribune analyzed inspection records of housing units rented to recipients of Section 8 housing vouchers and found widespread failure. They discovered that 6,000 Chicago landlords who receive Section 8 funds failed the majority of inspections of their properties. These violations led to thousands of evictions of tenants who were not responsible for the substandard conditions of their apartments.
  • Rehab Refugees

    Inner-city public housing projects are being torn down in favor of Section 8 vouchers and reform programs like Hope VI. But new housing projects don't provide for as many residents, so where do the poorest ones go?
  • Chicago Hope

    This article examines HUD's latest effort to house the poor and replace deteriorating, high-rise projects. Focusing particularly on Chicago, the Section 8 voucher program and HOPE VI revitalization initiative are highlighted.
  • Higher Hurdles for Women

    A series of stories on women and the law. A survey on whether woman lawyers feel they have less opportunities than men. Also articles on difficulties faced by woman lawyers, sexual harrassment and biased behaviour.
  • Public Housing Demolition

    For the past few years, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has been offering millions of dollars in federal housing grants to allow housing authorities to demolish and rebuild their worst housing stock, through a program called HOPE VI. In the wake of major federal cuts to HUD, public housing agencies across the nation have been scrambling to obtain what may be the last federal money allotted to housing refurbishment for a long time. San Francisco has applied for and received almost $100 million in the past three years. While renovations are completed, as many as 3,000 public housing residents will be relocated form their homes. The Bay Guardian finds that because of a shortage of affordable housing, it has become extremely difficult for public housing residents to find adequate housing in the city. (Jan. 10, 31; Feb. 7, 14, 21; March 6; April 3, 10, 21; May 22; July 24; Aug. 14, 21, 28; Nov. 27; Dec. 18, 1996)