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  • "The Torture Tapes"

    A videotape smuggled out of the United Arab Emirates shows violent and graphic torture carried out by the brother of the "country's crown prince." A former business associate of the prince's brother released the tapes and revealed that he was tortured, too. The UAE government initially denied wrongdoing, but as word spread, eventually detained the member of the royal family. It is also suggested that the U.S. Embassy in the UAE ignored the issue.
  • The Great Minnow Hunt

    "The FBI's 20-month investigation of corruption at the San Francisco Housing Authority seems to have netted one minnow as sharks swam free. Last summer, in what seems to herald the end of a federal investigation of the Housing Authority, a federal jury found a mid-level housing manager guilty of taking bribes to provide subsidized housing certificates to people who were ineligible to receive them. But transcripts of FBI interviews with the prosecution s chief witness, sworn depositions in a whistleblower lawsuit, exhibits in the housing manager's trial, and a HUD inspector general's reporter all suggest that high-ranking city officials and a longtime s associates of Mayor Willie Brown had knowledge of, or were involved in, the bribery conspiracy."
  • Scouting and new terrain

    The Boy Scouts say they must exclude gay men. But two banned Eagle Scouts are fighting for their right to belong, in a case that raises the question, Can a gay man be a moral authority figure for young boys?
  • Linda Austin

    WCCO-TV (Minneapolis) follows the state's Human Rights Commissioner and her Deputy during an Urban League Conference in San Francisco; shows they attended only one of 30 events there, spending most of their time at an exhibtion hall collecting free gifts given to attendees or back at their hotel; finds they took 25 such trips over a two-year period, Aug. 10, 1986.
  • (Untitled)

    Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette examines bureaucratic bog in West Virginia's Human Rights Commission; many cases are stalled, new biases have developed as a result of some Human Rights Commission regulations and staff competence is questioned, October 1981.