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  • The Girl From Kathmandu: Twelve Dead Men and a Woman's Quest for Justice

    A nonfiction narrative of Iraq war profiteering, human trafficking, and the battle to defend human rights in U.S. courts. "A powerful work of investigative journalism, one that speaks volumes about the business of war and of human slavery alike.” -- Kirkus Reviews.
  • Hubris: Selling the Iraq War

    On the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, MSNBC and NBC Peacock Productions produced a one-hour documentary with Rachel Maddow that follows, step-by-step, the Bush administration’s campaign of misused intelligence and apocalyptic rhetoric to lead the American people into the most disastrous foreign intervention since Vietnam.
  • "The Lonely Soldier"

    In her book, author Helen Benedict reveals what it is like to be a female in the military and serving overseas. She shares stories of sexual abuse and "discrimination against women and people of color." Female soldiers also suffer from health problems caused by the "lack of adequate medical care for women." Benedict also looks at the lives of women after they return home who suffer from isolation and "multiples traumas of combat and sexual assault."
  • Rules of Engagement

    The investigation examined the incident that came to be know as the Haditha Massacre, in which a number of Iraqi civilians were killed by U.S. Marines after an IED attack that killed a man in their convoy. The initial reports incorporated accounts of execution-style killings of 24 unarmed men, women and children in a rampage that media often compared to the My Lai massacre. However, the investigation found that the convoy had come under fire from the direction of the four houses, one of the houses contained weapons and forensic and ballistic evidence provided support for the Marines' accounts of what happened that day.
  • Suspect Soldiers

    The series identified hundreds of military recurited or retained during the Iraq war with criminal records and other questionable backgrounds. At least 70 were linked to incidents in the military, most involving crimes against civilians or other misconduct in Iraq. Some of the incidents had been well-publicized, although the backgrounds of accused personnel had not previously been disclosed, and others incidents were made public for the first time through never-before released records obtained by The Bee.
  • The Evidence Gap

    The nations' medical bill last year exceeded $2.7 trillin -- nearly as much as the projected total cost of the Iraq war. If it were medical money well spend, there might be few cries to "reform" the American health care system. But by some estimates, one-third or more of the medical care received by patients in this country may be virtually worthless. The nation is wasting hundreds of billions of dollars each year on superfluous treatments -- money that otherwise could by spent, for example , on providing health insurance for every child, woman and man int his country who currently have no coverage. A team of science and business reporters from The New York Times set out to explain how and why the United States is spending so much on health care with so relatively little to show for the money, They discovered a gaping chasm between scientific evidence and the practice of medicine. In an in-depth series of articles, told through real doctors and patients, and based on information they dug up that was frequently unflattering to medical providers, companies and regulators, the Times team documented many disturbing instances of "The Evidence Gap."
  • Blackwater Blood Money & Other Scandals's "The Blotter" has tracked the operations of one of the most controversial private security companies operating in Iraq, Blackwater. ABC news focused on the investigation following a deadly shooting in Baghdad that left 17 civilians dead. Reporters in the U.S. and in Baghdad followed the investigation by developing relationships with the victims of the shooting and their families, obtaining exclusive documents and developing knowledgeable sources inside the State Department. The team began their investigation by looking behind-the-scenes at Blackwater's effort in Iraq to make compensation settlements with the survivors and victims' families and capped with reporting that one of the Blackwater guards involved in t he shooting signed a secret plea deal to testify against his five indicted co-workers. In the course or reporting, ABC news also uncovered numerous other unreported controversies surrounding Blackwater's operations. Despite being accused of improper use of force, arms trafficking and overbilling, the State Department renewed Blackwater's $1.2 billion contract earlier this year.
  • Reality Show

    "This book is a two-year, behind-the-scenes look at the three network news operations; their coverage of such major events as the Iraq war, the midterm elections, the presidential campaign, Hurricane Katrina, the Mark Foley scandal, and the Virginia Tech massacre; the battles for anchor succession within each news division, and their struggle for survival in an era of instantaneous information."
  • New Law Requires Veteran's Resource Center, Colleges Struggle to Accommodate

    This story reveals that the author's college campus was not able to accommodate all of the returnign soldiers from the Iraq War. The college was not complying with the Executive Order stating what services had to be provided to veterans.
  • Meeting Resistance

    A full-length documentary film, "Meeting Resistance" provides personal narratives of people involved in the resistance in Iraq. The documentary clarifies why, to this day, the violence in Iraq continues. It provides a "deeper understanding of both the toll of occupation and the human condition of resistance."