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  • Forty-Seven Seconds in a 50-Year War

    Friedman tells the story of two Israeli soldiers killed by a Palestinian mob in Ramallah, West Bank. More than the killing itself, a 47-second film of the killings made by an Italian media crew changed the course of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After the killing, the conflict "takes an abrupt turn. The Israeli Defense Force seals Ramallah and all the Palestinian areas more severely than they've been sealed since they came under Palestinian control...The generals at the sprawling military campus in Tel Aviv order a missile attack on Arafat's headquarters...It is the first full-scale attack against Palestinian assets." The footage gives the Israelis a powerful image to use in their public relations campaign. As Friedman writes, "Not all deaths are created equal."
  • The Crossroad

    "'The Crossroad' is the story of the intersection between the main Gaza highway trafficked by Palestinians and the road from Israel to the Jewish settlement of Netzarim. This crossroad has gained infamy over the past few months not only for the number of people killed there, but also for being the place where 12-year-old Mohammad al-Dura was killed in his father's arms - a television image which has come to symbolize the current conflict. ... We hold up the crossroad as an emblem of the wider Israeli-Palestinian conflict. By using two mothers - one a Jewish settler and the other a Palestinian resident - as our main characters, our story makes some sense of a conflict that seems to make no sense at all."