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  • IRE Feed 6: IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists

    IRE Feed 6: The TV Award Winners and Finalists is a compilation of 14 reports from 14 stations in 11 markets ranging in size from Lexington, KY to Chicago, IL. 1)"Danger in Schools," KTRK-TV, Houston. A story that investigated Houston Schools putting known pedophiles back into the classroom. 2) "Where the Money Goes," WKYT-TV, Lexington, KY. Reveals that Lexington Schools spent tens of thousands of taxpayer's dollars on catered meals. 3) "Prescription for Trouble," KDFW-TV, Dallas. Investigates how Eckerds Pharmacy used teenagers to dispense prescriptions. 4) "Code of Silence," WTLV-TV, Jacksonville, FL. The medical system fights to protect a drunk doctor. 5) "Fighting for a Smile," WCCO-TV, Minneapolis. The VA's bureaucracy keeps dentures from veterans. 6) "Blood Priority," KSTP-TV, Minneapolis. Army choppers crash after cost cutting compromises safety. 7) "Missing Evidence," WMAQ-TV, Chicago. Chicago Police sell evidence right out of the vault. 8) "Failure to Protect," WBAL-TV, Baltimore. Maryland Police fail to enter protection orders to safeguard domestic violence victims. 9) "Prisoners in Their Own Homes," WFLA-TV, Tampa. Criminals strike again -- while on home detention. 10) "The $600 House," WOOD-TV, Grand Rapids, MI. HUD sells houses at pennies on the dollar to insiders. 11) "Preying on Your Pity," KPRC-TV, Houston. Telemarketers pretend to be handicapped to solicit cash. 12)"Crusade for Cash," KGTV-TV, San Diego. Lawyers use the ADA to file nuisance suits for big bucks. 13)"First USA," WFAA-TV, Dallas. Credit Card company jacks up interest rates, slaps phony late fees. 14)"Legal Loanshark," WAMI-TV, Miami. Lax laws permit car title loan companies to charge exorbitant rates.
  • Condition Critical: Code of Silence

    WTLV TV-12 "examined the code of silence among doctors, exposed examples of the medical risks it poses to patients and ultimately showed the economic downside for physicians whenever they break that code of silence. ... in one case.. Jacksonville's largest provider of cardiovascular services, St. Vincent's Medical Center, allowed its Chief of Cardiac Surgery to operate on patients despite a severe drinking problem spanning more than a decade ... a drinking problem widely known to the hospital's administration and medical staff.... Our series of investigative reports uncovered a pattern of unchecked power, corruption, cover-up, criminal conduct... even death in the O-R."
  • IRE Feed 2 "Award Finalist"

    A compilation of 11 stories. 1.) "Airport Security" WCPO, Cincinnati, No criminal background checks for airport workers and other violations of security rules. 2.) "Too Young to Die" KCBS, Los Angeles, The National Cancer Institute stopped recommending that women get mammograms, causing uninsured women to die early deaths. 3.) "Ford Height Four" WMAQ, Chicago, Were four black men wrongly convicted of robbery, rape, and murder, because police withheld information and a key witness lied? A killer confesses. 4.) "Sexual Predators" WLTV, Jacksonville, A law drops some sexual predators from the public list. 5.) "Shooters" WAGA, Atlanta, Convenience stores selling shooters, a brown bag full of everything you need to smoke crack, but the crack. 6.) "Cleaner Gasoline" KGO, San Francisco, The Air Resources Board threw out data that shows a news gas could make your car catch fire. 7.) "The Business of Charity" WRAL, Raleigh, Sales of donated clothes by non-profit organizations equals big money. 8.) "Stolen Dreams" News 12 Long Island, Salesmen stealing pension and retirement dreams. 9.) "Chemical Reaction" WXYZ, Detroit, Did General Motors protect it's workers from deadly and unhealthy chemicals? 10.) "Conspiracy of Silence" CBC, Alberta, Workers denied their workers compensation. 11.) "Nursing Homes: Care and Crisis" WDIV, Detroit, Bed sores, neglect and more.
  • IRE Feed 3, "Hot Stories and Cool Techniques."

    A compilation of 8 Stories: 1.) "License For Sale" KCBS, Los Angeles, Criminals and government employees illegally buying real drivers licenses. 2.) "Demon Drivers" WSMV, Nashville. 3.) "Ambulance Felons" KNXV, Phoenix, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians stealing credit cards from victim's homes and more. 4.) "Hunter Felons" WCCO, Minneapolis, Criminals with firearm hunting licenses. 5.) "Skin Peddler" WXYZ, Detroit, Underage dancers and prostitution. 6.) "Cash, Trash, and Politics." News 12 Long Island, Campaign finance money like with the garbage business. 7.) "Toxic Traffic" WJXT, Jacksonville, Hazardous material accidents and toxic waste dumps. 8.) "Military Secrets" WRAL, Raleigh, Military personnel can't sue for malpractice.
  • Pine Ridge Daycare

    WJXT uncovers abusive conditions at a Jacksonville daycare center. The Pine Ridge Child Care center owner's tow sons were working there - despite the fact both of them had criminal records. One of the sons was accused of fondling a child at the center. The authors also learned this daycare had a long history of violations that had been ignored by state authorities.
  • Under the Influence

    The Times-Union investigated the Jacksonville Building and Zoning Inspection Division. The found that the city missed at least one inspection required by law in 40% of homes built in 1996.
  • "Something Stinks," "Dumped"

    The first story examined a Jacksonville landfill project. Three years behind schedule and $16 million over budget, the North Landfill was a public works disaster that received virtually no local coverage. The story examined the roots of the problem and explained how city mismanagement and inadequate oversight allowed a local contractor to obtain a lucrative city contract that paid him for his time rather than his accomplishments. The second story continued to explore the landfill project, this time focusing on the role of the city's powerful public works director in arranging the questionable contract. A document search enabled us to link this man to a number of controversial decisions regarding the dump and contract.
  • (Untitled)

    Through exhaustive interviews with police, prosecutors, health professionals, residents, crack addicts and other people, The Florida Times-Union found that about 90 percent of the city's robberies and 75 percent of its burglaries are tied to crack. The investigation also reveals that crack is being sold five minutes from nearly every Jacksonville home, a record 3,887 people called a special crack hot line with complaints last year. (November 10 - 12, 1996)
  • (Untitled)

    The Times-Union found that in Jacksonville, which the FBI says has among the highest reported rape rates in the nation, prosecutors dropped nearly two thirds of all cases brought to them by police and only about 15 percent of all rape suspects went to prison. (April 14 - 16, 1996)
  • (Untitled)

    WTLV-TV's investigation into the lead poisoning of children in the Jacksonville area. The investigation found that 16 parks, including many school playgrounds contained dangerous amounts of lead. As a result, parks were shut down and all contaminated equipment will be replaced at a cost of $2.5 million. (Nov., Dec., 1995)