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  • How We Train Our Cops to Fear Islam

    Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, regularly declares that the police must be our "eyes and ears" in the effort the secure the United States against terrorism. Over the last ten years, this conviction has fed billions of federal and state dollars to a flourishing market in counterterrorism courses for state and local law enforcement. No one, however, has been paying attention to what cops are actually taught.
  • "The War Next Door"

    Violence has increased in Mexico as the government cracks down on the drug cartels. Murders and kidnappings have increased, and Mexican citizens are afraid to leave their homes. Interviews with the Mexican Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security reveal the role of the U.S. in combating the problem. A jailhouse interview with a prominent female drug smuggler gives insight to the workings of the drug trafficking world.
  • Nope

    The article examined president-elect Barack Obama's nomination of Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano, to head the Department of Homeland Security. The New Times investigation found Governor Napolitano lacked the administrative skills necessary to run a troubled cabinet post like Homeland Security. The article also examines her lack of initiative and leadership during the polygamy scandal which began in Arizona and continues to unfold in Texas (at time of submission, 1/2009.)