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  • Unholy Water

    In a remarkable five-part investigative series, KCBS Reporter Doug Sovern revealed that St. Mary's Cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco, was systematically soaking homeless people at night to keep them from sleeping in the church alcoves. Doug discovered and exposed an illegal plumbing system, installed in the middle of the worst drought in California history. Doug's reports prompted action by city officials, the removal of the system, a public apology by the Bishop, and a new homeless initiative by the archdiocese.
  • Unsafe Skies

    Breakdown in quality control and supervision of outsource maintenance work at a major airline puts public at risk of catastrophic accidents. A former United Airlines mechanic who was fired from his job told KCBS he first became suspicious after discovering from company computer records that a third-party contractor had neglected to perform required maintenance on United's entire fleet of 727's in 2000. By that time, the planes had already been up in the air for four months and the same contractor was allowed to continue servicing United planes. Furthermore, the system of quality control and oversight designed to insure adequate maintenance at United's outsource facilities had broken down. It was secretaries and not the qualified mechanics who were signing off on a vast array of maintenance jobs at repair shops.
  • Feed 5: Best of Show and Tell

    1) Jennifer Kraus (WTVF-Nashville) This story exposes problems at the Nashville office of international charity "Feed the Children." In a four-month investigation, WTVF-TV's undercover cameras caught the charity's staff loading up their personal cars with donated items and taking the items home. 2) Deborah Sherman (WFXT - Boston) Costa Rican trips for child sex. Actually spoke with girls who used to get paid by American tourists for sex. Focuses on one area man charged with this crime. 3) Anna Werner, David Raziq (KHOU-Houston) KHOU-TV reports that "You're in physical pain. You need help. So you go to your doctor expecting needed relief and comfort. But what if in the process of treating you, you realize this healer's touch has become 'sexual?' That's what dozens of Houston women claimed happened to them when they were referred to a local health professional, a professional they claimed used their trust to molest and even rape them. His name is Shin Higashiura and he claimed to be a Master of Shiatsu, also known as acupressure, a Japanese massage therapy that promises health benefits...." 4) Jilda Unruh (WCCO-Minneapolis) An investigation reveals that automatic door sensors can't detect certain colors. The doors often close on elderly people, causing them harm. 5) Tom Merriman/Jeff Harris (WEWS-Cleveland) The story investigates how state-trained lifeguards perform on state beaches as compared to privately trained lifeguards on private beaches. Follows both teams though a simulation. The state team fails horribly and never recovers the dummy planted for them to rescue. 6) Jim Schaefer; Shellee Smith (WXYZ-Detroit) WXYZ-TV discovered that the leaders of Highland Park, a poor city surrounded by Detroit, had virtually ignored a major problem in the 911 emergency response system while continuing to enjoy the relatively expensive perks of their jobs. While claiming there was no money in the budget to fix the problem, the mayor leased a brand-new Lincoln with city cash. Undercover video found citizens at risk, fire fighters in danger and no one helping. 7) Drew Griffin (KCBS-Los Angeles) "The Real ConAir" Investigation reveals department of corrections transporting convicts on commercial flights. Passengers are not told who's sitting beside them. Planes are forced to land because of disturbances during the flight. A girl is sexually assaulted by one of these convicts. 8) Robb Leer; Maria Tomasch (KSTP-Minneapolis) Inmates can change their names on the taxpayer's dime. 9) Jeremy Rogalski; Bill Dutton; Gerry Lanosga; Kathleen Johnston (WTHR-Indianapolis) WTHR-TV reports that "a source mentioned to us that numerous DUI cases were being dismissed because police witnesses fail to appear in court... After we crunched a slice of our county's criminal justice data ... We found thousands of DUI cases - nearly one in ten - thrown out because cops didn't show..." 10) Wes Williams; C.J. Ward (KPNX-Phoenix) Security guards with criminal records have a "License to Steal." 11) Tony Kovaleski; Matt Goldberg (KPRC-Houston) Ninety-eight guns were discovered in schools in 10 of Houston's largest school districts -- that works out to 5,864 students per gun. 12) Phil Williams; Chris Clark (WTVF-Nashville) WTVF-TV's investigation into the backgrounds of school teachers found more than three dozen convicted felons working in Metro Nashville-Davidson County schools. 13) Chris Halsne; Kim Albro; Dave Weed (KWTV-Oklahoma City) Voters handed Oklahoma City Schools a 93 million dollar bond in 1993 to improve schools. The money is now gone, but many projects remain unfinished. KWTV-TV's investigation found millions of dollars in waste, fraud and mismanagement. 14) Laure Quinlivan; Jeff Keene; Ken Fulk; Mark Shafer; Scott Diener; Stuart Zanger (WCPO-Cincinnati) WCPO-TV's investigation "... to monitor County officials as they began spending nearly a billion dollars of taxpayer money... earmarked to build two, new sports stadiums for our city's professional sports teams, the Bengals and Red. As (the) investigation enters its third year, work on the first stadium is two-thirds complete and ground will soon break on the second. Already, our investigation has revealed broken promises, manipulation of numbers in official reports, political cronyism in contract awards, creation of 'pass-through' companies and other questionable and possibly illegal activities...." 15) Jim Barry; John Campbell; Sam Zeff; Jennifer Snell; Denise Haley; Brad Naw (WTXF-Philadelphia) After transit union strike crippled Philadelphia's bus and subway service for forty days, WTXF-TV investigated the region's transportation agency - Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. SEPTA is one of the largest and most expensive transit systems in the county. This investigation exposed a widespread culture of laziness and dishonest work habits that was allowing hundreds of buses with potentially dangerous problems out onto the street each day. 16)Darcy Spears; Kim Kruger (KVBC-Las Vegas) "Taken for a Ride". Taxi drivers getting kickbacks for taking clients to certain bars/stripclubs.
  • "What some car dealers don't want you to know"

    KCBS-TV's undercover investigation "exposes how some major Los Angeles car dealerships were secretly and illegally overcharging car buyers - especially minority customers." In a three-month investigation KCBS-TV found that major car dealerships, some of which were even station advertisers, were inflating car prices by adding unnecessarily expensive options and raising interest rates. Some dealers forced Spanish speaking customers into signing contracts in English, which is a violation of California law.
  • California's Billion Dollar Rip-off

    California's "Medi-Cal" program was designed to provided low cost health care to over 5 million poor and low-income Californians. KCBS-TV found that some wealthy California doctors are taking advantage of the Medi-Cal system by recruiting patients from the poorest parts of Los Angeles and giving them illegal kickbacks to come to their clinics. Doctors would then bill the Medi-Cal program for treatments or services that they may have never provided. The investigation also found that the California Department of Health knew of this practice but did little to control it.
  • Friendly Fallout

    KCBS-TV reports "about the nation's first nuclear reactor designed to serve the public. The sodium-cooled reactor was situated in the foothills north of Los Angeles and literally lit up the tiny communities of Santa Susana, Agoura and Moorpark. (In 1959) there was a devastating accident at the reactor site when 13 fuel rods melted down. But the accident was shrouded in secrecy... On this, the 50th anniversary of the nuclear meltdown...(KCBS-TV) uncovered evidence of unusually high cancer rates in surrounding communities and cancer clusters resulting in many deaths... We obtained results of toxic chemical testing which showed dangerous levels of nuclear and chemical contamination at the plant and evidence the contamination has spread outside the plant's boundaries...."
  • 1999 IRE National Conference Show and Tell Tape #7

    1999 IRE National Conference (Kansas City) Show and Tell Tape #7 is the seventh of a nine-part series. This tape includes: 1.) Tony Dastoli (WAGA-Atlanta) Telemarketers lying to school principals. 2.) Allison Gilbert (WWOR-UPN New York City) Pets in airplane cargo holds. 3.) Larry Yellen (WFLD-Chicago) Illegal gun sales. Guns cross county lines from suburb to city. 4.) Kathleen Johnston (WTHR-Indianapolis) "Guarding the Guardians" Millionaire heiress, Ruth Lilly, and the money being spent by her so-called caretakers. A case of fortune swindling. 5.) Dan McDonald (WBTF-?) Investigation shows how easy it is for minors to buy shotgun ammunition. Store clerks are supposed to check ID's, but only one place does it. 6.) Matthew McClure (CBC-Edmonton) ***only 5 minutes of a much longer piece*** Major restaurant chain fails to pay employees during so-called "training shifts," even though they are clearly doing all the jobs of a regular shift. 7.) Joel Grover (KCBS-Los Angeles) "Dirty Restaurants Revisited" Station uncovers inspectors bribing restaurant owners to get an A rating. The ratings system was inspired by last summer's dirty restaurant investigation.
  • 1999 IRE National Conference Show and Tell Tape #2

    1999 IRE National Conference (Kansas City) Show and Tell Tape #2 is the second in a nine-part series. This tape includes: 1.) Bill Gephardt/Angela Hunter (KUTV-Salt Lake City) 1-Tracking down deadbeat tenants. 2.-Testing the dog-chaser...a device meant to keep dogs from attacking. 2.)Tony Pipitone (WKMG-Orlando) State employees found using office computers to view and sell pornography. 3.)Jennifer Snell (WTXF-Fox Philadelphia) "Troubled Transit" Investigation into the unreliable service of the transit system reveals dangerous mechanical problems with buses. The reason: mechanics sleeping in buses during shifts instead of making repairs...but reporting the problems as fixed. Buses break down and strand passengers. 4.) Drew Griffin (KCBS-Los Angeles) "The Real ConAir" Investigation reveals department of corrections transporting convicts on commercial flights. Passengers are not told who's sitting beside them. Planes are forced to land because of disturbances during the flight. A girl is sexually assaulted by one of these convicts. 5.) Christina Punza (KCOP-Los Angeles) Uncovers plan to reuse radioactive metals from U.S. nuclear power plants. The metal will be made into household items such as silverware. Experts say the metal can never be entirely cleaned of its radioactive contents. 6.) Morgan Loew (KOLD-Tuscon) Investigation on the black- market sale of Rohypnol, "the date-rape drug." 7.)Hoffer/Glemosky (WABC-New York City) "Dispensing Danger" Investigates pharmacies dispensing drugs without required prescriptions. 8.) Ray Parisi (WNYW-New York City) Travelling to foreign destinations for sex with kids.
  • 1997 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalist.

    The 1997 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalist tape is a compilation of 5 stories. 1.) "Blood Money," ABC News. Chilling video of the executions of Chinese prisoners and the selling of their organs to fund a profit-making organized criminal activity. See #14327. 2.) "Probable Cause," Dateline, NBC News. Systematic illegal traffic stops, brutal behavior and unfair drug seizures in Louisiana with a system where judges who decide cases benefit from ill-gotten gains and innocent citizens actually pay to go to court and get their appeals heard. See #14444. 3.) "License For Sale." KCBS, Los Angeles. An elaborate network for selling legitimate California driver licenses used for everything from getting government services to boarding commercial airlines. See # 14316. 4.) "Poor Justice? The Susan Cummings Story," KOMO, Seattle. The conviction and imprisonment of a 16-year-old girl for a murder she may not have committed. See #14305. 5.) "Military Medical Malpractice," WRAL, Raleigh N.C. Medical malpractice remains a well-kept military secret, with no one protecting millions of servicemen and women or their families from shocking standards and practices by inept doctors. See # 14287.
  • IRE Feed 2 "Award Finalist"

    A compilation of 11 stories. 1.) "Airport Security" WCPO, Cincinnati, No criminal background checks for airport workers and other violations of security rules. 2.) "Too Young to Die" KCBS, Los Angeles, The National Cancer Institute stopped recommending that women get mammograms, causing uninsured women to die early deaths. 3.) "Ford Height Four" WMAQ, Chicago, Were four black men wrongly convicted of robbery, rape, and murder, because police withheld information and a key witness lied? A killer confesses. 4.) "Sexual Predators" WLTV, Jacksonville, A law drops some sexual predators from the public list. 5.) "Shooters" WAGA, Atlanta, Convenience stores selling shooters, a brown bag full of everything you need to smoke crack, but the crack. 6.) "Cleaner Gasoline" KGO, San Francisco, The Air Resources Board threw out data that shows a news gas could make your car catch fire. 7.) "The Business of Charity" WRAL, Raleigh, Sales of donated clothes by non-profit organizations equals big money. 8.) "Stolen Dreams" News 12 Long Island, Salesmen stealing pension and retirement dreams. 9.) "Chemical Reaction" WXYZ, Detroit, Did General Motors protect it's workers from deadly and unhealthy chemicals? 10.) "Conspiracy of Silence" CBC, Alberta, Workers denied their workers compensation. 11.) "Nursing Homes: Care and Crisis" WDIV, Detroit, Bed sores, neglect and more.