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  • Pump Station #2

    An investigation by KGO-TV revealed that "the emergency water supply for San Francisco's fire hydrants was in critical condition. If the water stopped flowing to the hydrants during a disaster such as an earthquake or firestorm, the engines that power the back-up system would blow up. There are two pumping stations in the city that, in an emergency, would draw water out of San Francisco Bay to send to the fire crews. But, the engineer in charge of the stations was failing to maintain the engines. He hadn't changed the oil in more than ten years on the job. (KGO-TV) commissioned independent tests that showed the engines were in critical condition -- that they would blow up, if run at full load for any length of time. (KGO-TV) also revealed that the chief engineer was busy with many other projects at the station that had nothing to do with public safety. The former appliance repairman used the fire department's building to store old washers, dryers, mattress springs, furniture, a bowling ball and other junk. He set up a putting green, and would drive golf balls off the walls. He parked his personal car inside the pumping station for weeks on end, to do body work. He tended a garden of vegetables and spices."
  • Child Abduction Underground

    KGO-TV got a tip from a father that had failed to find his two daughters after six months of search. "He explained his ex-wife had abducted the girls during a nasty custody dispute. The mother was in jail refusing to tell the judge where she had hidden the girls." KGO was able to retraces the woman's steps and identified the group of people holding the girls. The man leading that group was a child molester, and KGO did a report about that, so the rest of the group members feared for the girls safety and took them to the TV station.
  • Bricker's Tow

    A KGO-TV hidden camera investigation showed a towing company repeatedly towing cars illegally.
  • 2002 IRE National Conference Show and Tell Tape #2

    2002 IRE National Conference (San Francisco) Show and Tell Tape #2 features the following stories 1) Tim Minton (WNBC-New York City) Security at local hospitals are lacking. 2) Brian Collister (KMOL-San Antonio) An inordinate number of court case have been thrown out of the local county court because judges ruled the defendants lacked a speedy trial. 3) Clips from a PBS project concerning scientists' genetic experiments. 4) Kevin Quinn (KFSN-Fresno) Area residents are suspicious of a local Muslim village called Baladullah, where the sounds gunfire has been heard emanating from the grounds. 5) Dan Noyes (KGO-San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose) Guardrails in California are often installed incorrectly, turning the protective barriers into potential dangers. 6) Craig Fiegener (ABC 30 Action News) Fifteen travelers are swindled by a travel agency, which sold them unconfirmed tickets for a cruise. 7) Joel Grover (CBS 2-Los Angeles) An undercover investigation reveals that valet parking attendants at LA's hottest night clubs steal from their customers. 8) Paul Gallagher (60 Minutes) An investigation of the U.S. Marine Corps' MV-22 "Osprey" aircraft reveals serious mechanical problems that contributed to two crashes in 2000, which killed 23 Marines. 60 Minutes also reports that "senior officers in the Osprey squadron had deliberately falsified maintenance records and lied about the aircraft's readiness -- in an apparent effort by the Marine Corps to win Pentagon approval for full production of the aircraft, at a projected cost to U.S. taxpayers of $41 billion." 9) Tom Martino (KDVR-Denver) An undercover investigation reveals that many beauty salons use a dangerous chemical to make fake nails. 10) (WGHP-Greensboro) An investigation reveals that construction works who built the homes in a subdivision failed to install the chimneys correctly, making them dangerous for those who live there. 11) Darcy Spears (KVBC-Las Vegas) A hearing aid center uses bait and switch tactics to take advantage of the elderly. 12) Jim Kenyon (WSTM-Syracuse, New York) Criminals in Canada involved in advance fee loan scams trick Americans out of thousands of dollars. 13) Bob Segall (WITI-Milwaukee) An undercover investigation reveals that security guards at a local county courthouse don't do a good job of stopping banned items from entering the building. 14) Karen Hensel (WISH-Indianapolis) Marian County inspectors don't always review homes under construction. 15) (WBTV-Charlotte, N.C.) Members of the Iredell-Statesville School Board use district funds to attend an education conference -- but then skip the convention and go on a vacation to Disney World, all on the taxpayer's dime. 16) Valeri Williams (WFAA-Dallas/Fort Worth) WFAA-TV follows up its 2000 IRE Awards entry with this return investigation into Fort Worth's John Peter Smith Hospital. Reporter Williams and producer Schucker continued their investigation, focusing on Dr. Lydia Grotti and her connection to suspicious and overlooked deaths in the emergency room. As a result of WFAA-TV's investigation the Texas Department of Health began conducting its own investigation and discovered additional deaths that took place in the ER. The county district attorney's office called in a special prosecutor to examine a total of eight suspicious deaths in connection with Dr. Grotti at the hospital. On Tape #2 is a short clip of Williams' work. Tape #3 features the entire series of stories she played at Show and Tell.
  • 1999 IRE National Conference Show and Tell Tape #6

    1999 IRE National Conference (Kansas City) Show and Tell Tape #6 is the sixth of a nine-part series. This tape includes: 1.) Julie Nazzario (Fox-Milwaukee) Investigation uncovers the small sentences handed to child murderers in a town where a man gets 8 years for torturing animals. 2.) Kimberly Lohman (WYFF - Greenville, Asheville, Spartanburg) "Looking for Dad" A student photographer takes a picture of an old man and it ends up on an Internet site. Across the country, in Seattle, a woman recognizes the name and photo of her dad, a man for whom she's spent years searching. The story includes an interview with the woman from Seattle, and the photographer takes Kimberly back to where the picture was taken. Now the community is trying to help the woman find her 90-year-old father before he dies. 3.) Herb Weisbaum (CBS News) Herb runs a rather humorous test of personal bug zappers. These devices give off a high-pitched whine that's supposed to send mosquitoes flying away. Herb takes the units to the real-world laboratory of Minnesota and asks campers to try them out. They fail miserably and provide great video and soundbites. 4.) Mike Luery (KCRA-Sacramento) a. Unclaimed property. b. How one person stopped telemarketers by winning damages from a lawsuit. 5.) Tim Minton (WNBC-New York City) Federal judges in conflict of interest..deciding cases that involve companies in which they own stock. 6.) Michael Finney (KGO-San Francisco) Finney uses two stores to demonstrate how easily people will give away personal information such as social security number, mother's maiden name and signatures. By setting up fake sweepstakes and a bogus survey... Finney gets people to give up this info. He then shows them what just happened. If the scams had really been happening, these people could have lost control of their credit cards and phone bills, to cite just a few examples. 7.) Jim Strickland (WSB-Atlanta) Finding confidential patient information in the garbage. 8.) Sandra Chapman (WISH-Indianapolis) Food stamps fro sale at used car lots.
  • 1999 IRE National Conference Show and Tell Tape #1

    The 1998 IRE National Conference (Kansas City) Show and Tell Tape #1 is the first in a nine-part series. This tape includes: 1.) Darcy Spears (KVBC-Las Vegas) "Taken for a Ride". Taxi drivers getting kickbacks for taking clients to certain bars/stripclubs. 2.) J.W. August/Valerie Stapes (KGTV-San Diego). A follow-up investigation about university diplomas for sale. Documents passed off as though they're from Columbia University in New York City. Finds prominent city official using one as a reference. 3.) ?... Credit card lenders - Providian Visa 4.) Ken Miguel (KGO-TV - San Francisco) "Herbal Supplements" Investigation into supplements such as "Metabolife" that use ma huang and other harmful ingredients in these supposedly safe, natural pills. 5.) Chris Cantergiani (WSB-Atlanta) Investigation into Dekalb County employee who's getting paid by taxpayers to spend large portions of his day at home or on personal business. 6.) Julie Jacoby (WCCO-Minneapolis). After an accident, a taxi driver files lawsuits against the other party, then pays others to falsify documents that would notify the person of the court date. The driver ends up winning thousands of dollars when his opponent fails to show up in court. They don't even know about the lawsuit. 7.) David Schechter (WDAF-Kansas City) Focuses on Missouri's Methamphetamine problem by showing how easy it can be to buy drugstore ingredients despite recent restrictions.
  • IRE Feed 2 "Award Finalist"

    A compilation of 11 stories. 1.) "Airport Security" WCPO, Cincinnati, No criminal background checks for airport workers and other violations of security rules. 2.) "Too Young to Die" KCBS, Los Angeles, The National Cancer Institute stopped recommending that women get mammograms, causing uninsured women to die early deaths. 3.) "Ford Height Four" WMAQ, Chicago, Were four black men wrongly convicted of robbery, rape, and murder, because police withheld information and a key witness lied? A killer confesses. 4.) "Sexual Predators" WLTV, Jacksonville, A law drops some sexual predators from the public list. 5.) "Shooters" WAGA, Atlanta, Convenience stores selling shooters, a brown bag full of everything you need to smoke crack, but the crack. 6.) "Cleaner Gasoline" KGO, San Francisco, The Air Resources Board threw out data that shows a news gas could make your car catch fire. 7.) "The Business of Charity" WRAL, Raleigh, Sales of donated clothes by non-profit organizations equals big money. 8.) "Stolen Dreams" News 12 Long Island, Salesmen stealing pension and retirement dreams. 9.) "Chemical Reaction" WXYZ, Detroit, Did General Motors protect it's workers from deadly and unhealthy chemicals? 10.) "Conspiracy of Silence" CBC, Alberta, Workers denied their workers compensation. 11.) "Nursing Homes: Care and Crisis" WDIV, Detroit, Bed sores, neglect and more.
  • Anatomy of A Murder

    KGO-TV investigates the death of a gay man and 17-year-old Joshua Puckett who confessed to the death because he said he was fending off a sexual assault. Police did not believe Puckett's story but could not find a motive. The investigation digs into Puckett's troubled past and reveals his father's fears that Puckett will hurt others.
  • Problems with Cleaner Burning Gasoline

    KGO "uncovered evidence that cleaner burning gas causes fuel system leaks, leading to dangerous car fires and deadly boat accidents." The investigation reveals that the state's testing program has dismissed numerous leaks in the past.
  • (Untitled)

    KGO-TV found more than two dozen young men who claimed that Father Gary Timmons, a Catholic priest who founded a summer camp in California thrity year ago, had molested them. The local District Attorney decided to arrest the priest before the story aired, fearing that he would run. As a result of the series, the Catholic Church issued a public apology, and promised to be more open and aggressive in dealing with such cases. (Nov. 1 - 3, 9, 20 & Dec. 22, 1995)