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  • Fast and Furious: Arizona Crime Ties

    When a Border Patrol agent was shot to death near the Arizona/Mexico border in Dec 2010, KNXV-TV quickly learned that guns found at the murder scene were linked to a controversial Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives case called Fast and Furious.
  • Kidnapping in Phoneix: Uncovering the Truth

    In 2008, Phoneix Police reported some startling statistics. 358 kidnappings had been recorded in 2008 alone. KNXV-TV's investigation uncovered that the statistics used were inaccurate.
  • Phoenix Kidnappings: Uncovering the truth

    "For years Phoenix has been called the kidnapping capital of the U.S. Police, city leaders and politicians blamed it on the border, citing 2008 statistics that claimed there were 358 kidnappings that occurred in the city. However, KNXV's investigation uncovered the statistics used were inaccurate."
  • What's on the Menu?

    Eight stations in the E.W. Scripps Television station Group worked together to investigate claims by national restaurant chains about low-fat and low-calorie menu items. The group specifically gathered menus from restaurants who listed the fat and/or calorie content directly on their menus, and decided to have the food tested at Analytical Laboratories, Inc. in Boise, Idaho. They created an excel spreadsheet and assigned each station three foods listed on various low-fat/low-calorie menus on the same way. The stations each packed their food the exact same way and videotaped this procedure to verify protocol. The packages were then sent overnight to Analytical Laboratories, Inc. for testing. The test results showed that out of the 23 items tested, 78% were over the fat limit and almost 69% were over the calorie limit listed on the package. A producer from KNXV-TV then contacted all the restaurants involved in the test and asked for a response. No company would go on camera for the story, though the company that owns Chili's and Macaroni Grill apologized and said they would work to reinforce the menu standards.
  • Tread Secrets

    In this story, KNXV created a database of lawsuits against Cooper Tires relating to accidents caused by tire tread separation by obtaining internal documents from an inside source at Cooper. The documents reveal that Cooper knew of the tire defects but chose not to remedy them in order to save money. The story led to legal action by Cooper against KNXV to prevent rebroadcast and uncover the inside source of documents.
  • Lost to India

    This investigation took KNXV-TV to India to uncover the outsourcing of Arizona government jobs. It was revealed that Arizona government and businesses were training people in India to get jobs in call centers. Hundreds of thousands of tax dollars were used to run job programs to train people to sound more like Americans on the phone. As a result of this investigation, Arizona closed down the call center in India.
  • Out of Options

    Although Arizona has received more than 1,000 complaints about the private company they hire to take care of the mentally ill, Value Options continues to be paid millions of tax-payer money each year. In response to the KNXV investigation, Arizona announced a ground-breaking plan to improve the mental health system--including better housing, supervision and care.
  • Feeding Greed

    An undercover investigation by the KNXV team revealed food stamp fraud as a rampant problem. Retailers gave food stamp wielders cash-back, though that was specifically prohibited. An elaborate food stamps for money trade was also discovered.
  • Desperate Appointment

    Using undercover surveillance, KNXV reporters exposed Mexican dentists who crossed the border to perform illegal weekend procedures on illegal immigrants. The cash-only operation, which usually took place in the back of homes and in abandoned trailers, operated under the state dental board's radar. In some instances, patients risk serious infection at the hands of unlicensed dentists. As a result of the investigation, two of the dentist practices were shut down and KNXV was able to open up phone lines to "help people who needed dental care from licensed clinics."
  • Mexico's Dirty Little Secret

    KNXV-TV found that "thousands of Mexican children are being raped and molested every year at the hands of American tourists. Very little is being done to stop it." It was "discovered that men from the United States are one of the largest groups of tourists traveling with the express purpose of engaging in sex with minors."