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    9NEWS, facing the inherently private healthcare industry, reveals how at-risk adults are currently stranded in Denver area hospitals because they have nowhere to go and nobody willing to take care of them.
  • Fueling the Fire: Dave Repsher

    Dave Repsher burned in post-helicopter crash fire in 2015, because the system designed to protect flight nurses and other helicopter passengers failed. Three years later, KUSA-TV's "Fueling the Fire" investigation changed that system by inspiring a change in federal law.
  • Lien on Me

    It seemed, at first, to be an isolated case of an aggressive bill collector going after a patient, but six months after KUSA-TV heard an initial complaint, the station’s investigative team found a widespread practice of surgeons using the courts to secure thousands from their patients. The practice has left the hundreds of thousands of people with insurance vulnerable to lawsuits, wage garnishments and property liens. “Lien on Me” has legislators promising change and the region’s largest group of surgeons promising to back off.
  • Death Inside San Carlos

    Two days after Chris Lopez walked out of a nine-and-a-half month stint in solitary confinement, the mentally ill inmate appeared catatonic on the floor of his cell inside one of the state's most notorious prisons. What happened next would lead to the firings of three corrections officers, yet for more than a year no one with the Colorado Department of Corrections would talk about it publicly. Through a confidential source, KUSA-TV obtained word of the details surrounding Lopez's death, and eventually obtained the video that forced the Colorado DOC to acknowledge a death inside San Carlos. Eventually, Colorado DOC handed out what amounts to the largest settlement in the history of the state's prison system.
  • justStopCO

    For one year, KUSA-TV and Rocky Mountain PBS/I-News collaborated to provide unprecedented perspective to what many have called the hit-and-run epidemic in Colorado. Through a series of reports, a half-hour special, and one of the largest hit-and-run databases in the country, justStopCO allows their viewers the opportunity to understand the depth of the problem while equipping them with the resources to do something about it. Their series not only changed minds, it also changed law.
  • E-470 Expenses

    After a public records request, KUSA-TV found that toll money covered massages, expensive trips, and stays at luxury hotels for some E-470 staff members and board members.
  • The Cult Vanishes

    KUSA-TV reports that more than 70 members of a Denver-based religious cult suddenly vanished from their homes and jobs in early October 1998, following instructions from their leader, Monte Kim Miller. Some of the cult members were later confirmed to be in Jerusalem. On January 3, 1999, the Israeli government arrested and deported them to Denver, because of allegations they had violent plans.

    KUSA-TV (Denver) exposes a secret Defense Department nuclear program that was operated by the Adolph Coors Company in Golden, Colo.; Joe Coors had set up a classified nuclear laboratory near the family brewery, which sent several hundred pounds of weapons-grade uranium to the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant; the uranium was found to be missing and is possibly buried in an old mineshaft near a city water supply, Oct. 28 - Nov. 1, 1992.
  • Bad Backs, Big Bucks

    KUSA-TV (Denver) uncovers insurance fraud scheme by chiropractors, lawyers and doctors who run up bills of car accident victims to the statutory limit for damages in lawsuits.

    KUSA-TV News (Denver) uses "Habitual Traffic Offenders" law to determine through a computer search that drunk drivers continue driving illegally after their licenses are suspended or revoked, some killing or injuring people; city vehicles operated by unlicensed drivers, Feb. 4 - 6, 1990.