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  • The Enron Tapes

    This series shows how recorded telephone conversations between Enron energy traders link top officials to the now-famous fraudulent activities. The tapes also revealed the company's close connection to the Bush campaign.
  • Up in Smoke

    Enron's collapse was famous for its accounting debacle and other business side errors. How did such a dishonest company rise to success in the first place? The answer is with a powerful combination of campaign money and political friends designed to create an environment friendly to Enron's style of business. CEO Ken Lay was a former lobbyist himself and knew the Beltway well. The result of their heavy political investment was deregulation in Congress and appointed local commissioners who were already friendly with the company.
  • How Enron Seduced Wall Street

    Bloomberg Markets explains -- in minute detail -- how Enron executives worked all the angles in making Enron one of the most sought after stocks in the last few years.