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  • INS Aims at Businesses, Hits Mexicans

    Gordon looked at Mexican workers deported by the INS. Over the past two years, the U.S. INS has stepped up its worksite raid effort, which targets the "job magnet" that attracts undocumented workers to the United States. That effort got an additional boost in 1996 with the passage of a federal law that enhanced the INS' ability to deport immigrants and further shielded companies from liability for hiring undocumented workers. The article shows that INS raids almost exclusively target Mexicans. Demographic information on workers arrested in 1996 and 1997 shows that 96.4 percent came from Mexico and 98.9 percent were Latinos. But Mexicans make up only 44 percent of Illinois' undocumented immigrants. State Senator Jesus Garcia, a Chicago Democrat, is consider teaming up with a group of civil rights lawyers to sue the INS.
  • Tortilla War Ends

    The story begins with the end of a Teamsters Union strike against Southern California's largest tortilla manufacturer, Gruma USA. The Latino community boycotted the Gruma brand names Mission Foods and Guerrero Foods, and this resulted in a victory for strikers in the form of a higher pay raise than originally proposed.
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    The Chicago Reporter finds that Democrats running in white congressional districts spent 33% more in the 1994 primary than candidates in black districts and 62% more than Latino district hopefuls. (May 1996)
  • Death Comes By Accident in Poor, Black Neighborhood

    The Chicago Reporter finds through a study of the Chicago Health Department records, that "unintentional violence" is killing African-American children in low-income communities at a far greater rate than whites or Latinos. The Reporter found that many of these deaths are preventable. (July/August 1996)
  • Suburban Housing Inspectors Crack Down on Latinos

    The Chicago Reporter found that even though Elgin officials say they are enforcing laws that are crucial to maintaining home values and ensuring public safety, they have issued one housing code citation for every 35 housing units in predominantly Latino neighborhoods such as these, compared to one citation for every 59 units in white neighborhoods. (Sept. 1995)
  • Mortgage Lending in Chicago: Separate, Unequal

    The Reporter tells that "Chicago's banks and savings and loans are withdrawing from the city's racially changing neighborhoods, creating a vacuum in home mortgages that is quickly filled by federally guaranteed loans.The result: a dual housing market that offers commercial mortgages to whites and federally subsidized loans to African Americans and Latinos...."
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    Los Angeles Times discloses that even though Latino workers are essential to Los Angeles County's manufacturing workforce, their safety is chronically neglected in ways that leave them more susceptible to death and disability; state safety engineers rarely visit Latino-dominated factories, the county has fewer inspectors than any other area in California and in violation of state law the country quietly did away with mandatory safety programs, Sept. 5 - 7, 1993.
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    New York Daily News exposes the practice at Mt. Sinai Medical Center of putting pregnant women on Medicaid, mostly black and Latino, in shabbier rooms with worse care and putting mothers with insurance, usually white, in better facilities, Oct. 18, 1993.
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    San Francisco Examiner finds that many Latino immigrants live in slave-like conditions; wage violations, rapes, beatings and brutal conditions are standard for this population and such atrocities are ignored by the state agency which is supposed to protect its rights, Jan. 10 - 13, 1993.
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    The Progressive reports on the abuse that latino-Americans receive from Immigration and Naturalizaton Service Border Patrol in the El Paso, Texas, area; two seperate studies, one by Americas Watch and the other by the American Friends Service Committee, report that Border Patrol abuses are so widespread that their actions are compared to human-rights abuses by repressive Third-World regimes, April 1993. # Plaza