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  • Scales of Justice

    Many known criminals in Linn County walk the streets freely. Among many problems with the local justice system, the largest is that criminal cases are dismissed without prosecution. Without charges on a drug dealer's, child pornographer's, or girlfriend beater's records, it's as if they never committed a crime. The lack of corrective action is leaving local police with low morale and an overwhelming job of arresting repeat offenders only to see the justice system release them back on the public.
  • Danger Creek

    Reporters for KGAN-TV discovered that the water downstream from the Linn County Airport was heavily polluted with toxic chemicals. The water produced a putrid stench that had the people of Cedar Rapids complaining for years. Acting on a tip, KGAN-TV tested the water and delivered the shocking results to the airport and the Department of Natural Resources.
  • Pay Beats Inflation

    Teachers' salaries in two Iowa counties have risen at a rate greater than inflation since the 1996-1997 school year.