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  • San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown

    A collection of stories about Willie Brown's shortcomings as a mayor. The first story draws lines between major donors to Brown's campaign and multi-million dollar city contracts. The second story exposes unfulfilled campaign promises to renters. And the final story highlights even more shortcomings of the mayor, promises he'd either not lived up to, or forgotten about since his first election.
  • The Great Minnow Hunt

    "The FBI's 20-month investigation of corruption at the San Francisco Housing Authority seems to have netted one minnow as sharks swam free. Last summer, in what seems to herald the end of a federal investigation of the Housing Authority, a federal jury found a mid-level housing manager guilty of taking bribes to provide subsidized housing certificates to people who were ineligible to receive them. But transcripts of FBI interviews with the prosecution s chief witness, sworn depositions in a whistleblower lawsuit, exhibits in the housing manager's trial, and a HUD inspector general's reporter all suggest that high-ranking city officials and a longtime s associates of Mayor Willie Brown had knowledge of, or were involved in, the bribery conspiracy."
  • Trouble on Tap

    "The story explored the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's decisions to award San Francisco-based Bechtel Group with a $45 million contract to manage the renovation of the city's water system." Bechtel's track record in Bolivia points to cost increases and privatization, and in that case, riots in response to water rate hikes.
  • Fighting Secrecy

    In the Bay Guardian's 14th annual FOI issue, the paper highlights how public officials, including Mayor Willie Brown, are getting around a new public records initiative only three months after it was passed. Accompanying articles examine issues such as current legislation to protect public access to information, the non-compliance of nonprofits with the Sunshine Law and where to find resources for obtaining public records.
  • Fat City. S. F. Spending Spree

    An examination of city financial records found the city's budget had grown by a billion dollars under Mayor Willie Brown. The paper found thousands of workers added to the city's payroll, employee overtime costs spiraling and former colleagues of the mayor landing highly paid city jobs.
  • W.L. Brown: A Public-Private Partnership

    A SF Weekly investigation of San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown revealed that the mayor's public and private lives may include a number of conflicts of interest. Before becoming San Francisco's mayor in 1996, Brown "moonlighted" as a lawyer and "his private law practice was large, lucrative, and controversial. He was repeatedly criticized for accepting large legal retainers from clients with significant interests in state legislation." SF Weekly's eight-part series found that Brown "received significant sums of money each year from a law firm he supposedly sold" after taking office, made mayoral decisions benefiting business entities that the mayor had financial interest in and "held ownership in a real estate partnership that made millions... when government agencies suddenly... showered the area with tens of millions of dollars in government subsidies."
  • Living High off Public Housing

    The San Francisco Bay Guardian reports that "The San Francisco Housing Authority had no money to help displaced residents - but plenty for a sole-source contract with a Chicago consultant... In many ways, the contracts are a case study in the problems of the administration of Mayor Willie Brown and the contracting practices that have FBI agents crawling all over city hall."
  • Project Employment

    In 1997, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown's administration went on a hiring binge, more than doubling the payroll of the Housing Authority. The move was touted as a way of improving life in the city's housing projects. In many cases, however, job qualifications, union hiring rules, and the security of housing residents were ignored as at least 12 violent felons found their way onto the payroll.
  • (Untitled)

    After six months of investigation, the Bay Guradian revealed how new San Francisco mayor Willie Brown should be legally prohibited from acting on many pivotal issues facing the city, all because of conflicts of interest accumulated during 30 years as a state assembly leader, and simultaneously, a practicing corporate and personal attorney. (Aug. 23 - 29, 1995)