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  • With a Little Help from... Adderall and Vyvanse

    This story focuses on how Texas Tech students use prescription study drugs, legally and illegally.
  • Changing a Culture of Assault

    This is an in-depth piece about rape culture on college campuses, especially Texas Tech. It includes stories from survivors of sexual assault and extensive data to provide insight.
  • Sealed Records

    KLAS investigated Arash Hashemi, who was accused of torturing and almost killing his girlfriend's young daughter, and found that all his criminal cases were sealed.
  • Good Time Credit

    Nevada legislature passed AB510 to reduce prison overcrowding by "granting 'good time credits' to nonviolent, non-sexual offenders." However, what the public wasn't told was that it would apply to all felons on parole.
  • Bus Drivers

    "The Channel 8 I-team investigated the criminal histories of all of Clark County School Bus Drivers. Major findings include: 13% of drivers had come in contact with the courts, either arrested, cited or charged with a crime, 5% of those resulted in convictions, including 6 convictions for driving under the influence."
  • Stolen House

    Public records revealed that nine months after the death of Morris Rozet, his home had not been probated, but that he had in fact sold his house to Calvin Wynn for $100,000. Interviews with Wynn found that he hadn't paid for the home, or recieved keys to it. He broke in through the back door and began to renovate the property, working with borrowed money for the house he didn't own.
  • US Air Crash Shatters "Normal" Lives

    This is a whole group of stories about a plane crash. It covers the basics of what happened, causes for the crash, rescue efforts and personal stories of people who were affected.
  • Betrayed

    Cincinnati Magazine tells the story of a husband and wife who tried and failed to keep their son in prison after he killed their other son; Kentucky law allows any juvenile convicted of a crime out of prison by the age of 18, regardless of their crime.
  • The whistleblowers

    Cincinnati Magazine profiles a series of Cincinnati whistleblowers who exposed corruption, fraud and brutality at their places of employment, including General Electric's Evendale power plant, the Veterans Administration Hospital and the Zimmer nuclear power plant, and have in turn been persecuted by their employers.
  • The riverfest murder

    Cincinnati Magazine investigates the circumstances surrounding the murder of a 21 - year - old man and how the man's family battled the law enforcement community to bring his killer to justice.