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  • Passing the Buck Dept.: The Supernote

    New Yorker magazine reports that "A near-perfect counterfeit hundred-dollar bill is coming out of the Middle East. Is it an act of economic terrorism? And can the Treasury stop it? ... (The Supernote) had surfaced around 1990.. and, as far as (Secret Service) agents could determine between two and three billion dollars' worth had been printed in two years..."
  • (Untitled)

    This story centers around a new Islamic advocacy organization in Washington called the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and its executive director, Nihad Awad. CAIR - which has ties to the Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas - recently blamed a PBS documentary entitled Jihad in American for vandalism attacks against a pair of mosques. The story shows these charges likely to be false. It also explores Awad's current campaign to make CAIR a major player among Muslim advocacy groups. In fact, as the story finds, Awad was one of three Arab-American leaders who recently met in the White House with Martin Indyk, President Clinton's top Middle East adviser on the National Security Council. (December 22, 1994)
  • Jihad in America

    In the wake of the World Trade Center bombing, PBS investigates "the networks of Islamic extremists committed to Jihad in America. For these militants, Jihad is a holy war, an armed struggle to defeat nonbelievers or infidels. And their ultimate goal is to establish an Islamic empire.... you will hear what these militants say among themselves, and witness some of their secret activities here on American soil. ..."
  • (Untitled)

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigates the impact of the rise of militant Islamic governments and political parties is having on women across the Middle East; outlines the changes in women's political, legal, and customary rights, as well as opportunities for health care and education, June 28, 1992.
  • Days of the Jackal

    ABC PrimeTime Live tracks down the internationally known terrorist known as Carlos, who had been thought to be dead; finds him alive and working for dictatorships in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Jan. 3, 1991.

    CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (Toronto) looks at the crash of a jet from Canada's largest charter airline, Nationair, in Saudi Arabia, killing all 247 passengers; finds the airline's safety and mechanical practices were frequently negligent, and that a government probe into the crash is being kept secret, Oct. 3, 1991.
  • (Untitled)

    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reports on how Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries received their modern arsenals; the United States played a large role, January/February 1990.
  • Scarce oil, disputed deals -- and a corporate revolt

    Washington Post takes a look at the inner workings of Ashland Oil as it fought to preserve its supply of crude oil from the Middle East and finds that tens of millions of dollars in questionable payments to "consultants" may have helped keep that oil flowing.
  • (Untitled)

    Reader's Digest article details how Bulgaria trades guns to Middle Eastern nations for drugs that it then sells in the West, November 1983.
  • Report from the Mideast: A Human Drama

    Philadelphia Inquirer Pulitzer prize-winning series entitled "Report from the Mideast: A Human Drama" evokes the lives, politics and cultural crossfire of the Mideast.