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    Clarion-Ledger finds thousands of dollars designated to help Mississippi's poor were used to help then-gov. promotes his monthly television show, expand his staff and his office expenses, March 1977.
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    Clarion-Ledger issues reprint on the 1982 legislative battle over education reforms in Mississippi; the state had one of the worst education systems in the country, December 1982.
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    Clarion-Ledger examines the asbestos industry in Mississippi and the threat it poses to workers, particularly those in Gulf Coast shipyards.
  • Jails: Mississippi's Worst Punishment

    Clarion-Ledger publishes series, "Jails: Mississippi's Worst Punishment," on poor conditions and problems in the state's county and municipal jails.
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    Clarion-Ledger does articles on Mississippi Employment Security Commission's expensive sweetheart lease arrangement with a contributor to the governor's campaign.
  • The Hidden War: the Army Engineers vs. Rural America

    Clarion-Ledger series, "The Hidden War: the Army Engineers vs. Rural America," looks at improprieties and unethical practices of the Army Corps of Engineers in north-central Mississippi and southern Indiana.