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  • Down the Drain

    On May 16, 2011, a 100-foot-long section of a 23-foot-tall concrete wall collapsed only five years after it was constructed at the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant in Vestal, N.Y., one of the largest sewage treatment plants in upstate New York. A Press & Sun-Bulletin investigation detailed how mismanagement by public officials in charge of a $20 million project to construct a new secondary sewage treatment system that included the wall allowed it to spiral into a $160 million environmental and economic disaster, burdening taxpayers and the Susquehanna River for years to come.
  • 'Totalitarian' culture and pay questions at Upstate hospital

    This story delves into the culture and questionable contracting and compensation practices among senior staff at a major state-run teaching hospital in Syracuse, N.Y. that is also the city's largest employer. It was revealed the president of the State University of New York (SUNY) Upstate Medical University and University Hospital was being compensated by two hospital contractors that nearly doubled his state salary.
  • A buffalo Stampede: Upstate N.Y. Leads Charge to Charlotte Region, Analysis Finds

    Studying migration data from the IRS, The Charlotte Observer found that migration to the region was being led by upstate New Yorkers.
  • N.Y. Power Authority

    The New York Power Authority provides about one-quarter of NY state's electricity needs. Although it is a branch of state government, it acts as a corporation, giving away some of its profits to pet charities of the Board and the Directors, rather than lowering utility costs to customers. Almost 200 of the NYPA's 1600 employees make more than $100,000 a year.
  • Show & Tell: IRE 2001 National Conference (Chicago)

    Compilation tape of investigative stories presented at the 2001 IRE national conference in Chicago: Tape 1 1.) KVBC-TV (Nevada) - "Honor Thy Father" 2.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Highway Health Hazard" 3.) Inside Edition - "Drink Up" 4.) KOAA-TV (Colorado Springs) - "Mother Goose daycare investigation" 5.) WSTN-TV (Syracuse) - "Pipeline to Crack" 6.) WAGA-TV (Atlanta) - "On the net; on the clock" 7.) KSAZ-TV (Phoenix) - "Capital Credit" 8.) Inside Edition - "Televangelists" 9.) WJW (Fox 8 Cleveland) - "Coats for Kids" 10.)Kelo-TV (Sioux Falls) - "Painful Steps" 11.) WNBC-TV (New York) - "Help on Hold" 12.) WFLD-TV (Chicago) - "Aggressive Drivers" 13.) WXYZ-TV (Detroit) - "Get Out Alive" 14.) WCPO-TV (Cincinnati) - "Airport Security" 15.) KMOL-TV (San Antonio) - "Slum Lords" 16.) WDIV-TV (Detroit) - "Stealing Power" 17.) WSMV 4 (Nashville) - "A few deadly breaths" 18.) WTVF (Nashville) - "Who's Policing the Police?" 19.) KDFW (Dallas) - "Spot Delivery" 20.) WTVJ (Miami) - "The Price of Beauty" 21.) WXYZ-TV (Detroit) - "Weight Loss Scams" 22.)KETV (Omaha) - "Police Complaints" 23.) KDFW (Dallas) - "Identity Theft" Tape 2 1.) WABC-TV (New York) - "Caught Off Guard" 2.) WTMJ-TV (Milwaukee) - "Get out of jail free" 3.) KTVT-TV (Fort Worth) - "INS Application Scam" 4.) KRON-TV (San Francisco) - "Moving Violations" 5.) WSPA-TV (South Carolina) - "Goodwill Firings" 6.) KWTV 9 (Oklahoma City) - "Lemon on the Lot" 7.) WLOS-TV (Asheville) - "Save or Slaughter" 8.) WISH-TV (Indianapolis) - "Tipped off" 9.) WAMI-TV (Miami) - "AIDS Charity Scam" 10.) WITI-TV (Milwaukee) - "Marine Corp Toxic Water" 11.) WFLD-TV (Chicago) - "No prescription, no doctor" 12.) XETV 6 (San Diego) - "Port Perks" 13.) KSTP-TV (St. Paul) - "Lasik Surgery" 14.) News 12 Long Island (Woodbury, N.Y.) - "Bad Medicine" 15.) News 12 Long Island (Woodbury, N.Y.) - "Double Dipping" 16.) KVBC-TV (Las Vegas) - "Mud Slinging Exposed" 17.) KVBC-TV (Las Vegas) - "What Lies Beneath" 18.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Sex Offender Teachers" 19.) KHOU 11 (Houston) - "Highway Health Hazard" 20.) WISH-TV (Indianapolis) - "Inspecting the Inspectors" 21.) WCPO 9 (Kentucky) - "NKU Rape Investigations"
  • Partners With Clout

    Two contractors with an extensive history of bad debts and questionable business practices won more than $37 million in state contracts and subsidies after becoming major contributors and fund-raisers for N.Y. Gov. George Pataki and other politicians. Frank and Ken Stubbolo had fund-raisers for N.Y. Gov. George Pataki and other politicians. Frank and Ken Stubbolo had a lengthy record of bankruptcies, financial judgements and tax defaults - much of it detailed in public records...Despite their clouded background, however, the Stubbolo brothers wound up with state contracts to build dormitories, an assisted-living facility and a community center. The state's failure to examine the contractors' background and qualifications quickly became apparent with the dormitory job had to be halted because of design flaws and delays.
  • 1991 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists Tape.

    The 1991 IRE TV Award Winners and Finalists Tape is a compilation of 5 investigative stories. 1.) "Televangelists," Prime Time Live, ABC News investigates the business practices of three highly successful and prominent televangelists who capitalize on the beliefs of their followers and collect millions of dollars in tax-free donations each year; reveals phony faith healings and high-pressure money-making schemes. See #8402. 2.) "The Great American Bailout," PBS Frontline and The Center for Investigative Reporting San Francisco reports on the Resolution Trust Corporation and how it is ignoring the needs of low-income families in its bailout of the savings and loans program. See # 8259, 8260, 8261 and 8262. 3.) "Signed Sealed and Suckered," WDHD Boston uncovers rampant redlining of minority neighborhoods and a pattern of discrimination by home improvement contractors and second mortgage lenders, charging inflated prices for shoddy work and loan interest rates of 24 %. See # 8334. 4.) "Down the Drain," WKRN, Nashville looks at the city's water and sewer department and finds hundreds of thousands of dollars in rate payers' money wasted and "Good Ole' Boy" connections. See # 8231. 5.) "Trash Fraud in Onodaga County," WSTM, Syracuse N.Y. finds fraud within the trash hauling industry in Onondaga County, N.Y. The hauling company places weights in its trucks in order to cheat the system. See # 8171.
  • Spiltsville, N.Y.

    New York's divorce court is among the most secretive and disorganized in the country. The Daily News investigated the court and found that the average contested divorce stretched out for 640 days.
  • The Death of Innocents

    Three years in the making, this book investigates the deaths of five children. Initially, the deaths were said to have been caused by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, but after some investigation by a District Attorney in Syracuse, N.Y., the it was discovered that the children had been murdered.
  • False Alarm: The Failed Promise of Apnea Monitors

    The Syracuse Newspapers chronicle the rise and fall of a medical revolution. In 1972 Dr. Alfred Steinschneider, a pediatric researcher at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse, N.Y., suggested he could predict which babies might die of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS. Later investigation found Steinschneider's research was invalid and that his theory that SIDS runs in families deflected investigations of cases of suspected serial infanticide. (May 5, 6, and 7, 1996)