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  • Preying on Pity

    KPRC-TV report "We sent a KPRC-TV employee inside the Houston office of one of the country's largest telemarketing companies. ... Carrying a hidden camera our employee exposed the company's managers training employees to lie and tell half-truths about handicaps and disabilities they simply don't have. Their purpose was to create pity so unknowing customers would buy their products...."
  • The Best Degree Crime Can Buy

    WJXT-TV (Jacksonville, Fla.) looks at the costs and benefits of educating inmates in the state correctional institutions; a handful of vocational schools go into several Florida prisons to teach courses in data entry, auto body repair and brick laying; finds that state and federal tax dollars go to pay for college level correspondent course work, May 11 - 12, 1992.

    WJXT-TV (Jacksonville, Fla.) finds that many people who file bankruptcy maintain very expensive houses and land; finds that loopholes allow people to avoid debt and maintain lavish lifestyle, May 7-8, 1992.
  • Southeast Landfill Investigation

    WJXT-TV (Jacksonville, Fla.) reports on a dispute over a landfill proposed by the city of Jacksonville and the legal fees incurred by the city in its attempt to battle environmental and political opposition, March 19 - 21, 1991.
  • The Best Care Crime Can Buy

    WJXT-TV (Jacksonville, Fla.) reports on the level of health care provided to inmates in Florida correctional institutions and compares it to the health care acquired by the average Florida citizen; makes the case that inmates in Florida's prisons receive better care than the average citizen of the state, Nov. 19 - 22, 1991.