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  • Our Cherished Perks

    The Journal reports on the numerous perks members of the Beltway power circle enjoy. These "rewards", paid for mostly by taxpayers, range from free rides in F-16s to being able to borrow anything from the National Gallery of Art.
  • Who Owns the Lubomirski Durers?

    ARTworks follows through the centuries the path of Lubomirski Durers, a group of great drawings worth millions of dollars. The paintings were placed in a Polish museum in 1823 by Prince Henryk Lubomirski, later seized by the Soviets, exposed in a Ukrainian library, and finally looted by the Nazis. The art pieces were discovered by U.S. troops and secretly turned over to the grandson of Prince Lubomirski by order of the State department, the story reveals. Now both the Polish museum and the Ukrainian library demand the return, but American high-level diplomats and ten museums in the U.S.A. Canada and Europe have made a decision to reject the claims. "Experts say [this] is the most complicated of all war-loot restitution cases," the magazine reports.
  • The Master Swindler of Yugoslavia

    ARTnews reports on artworks looted from Holocaust victims by the Nazis. Many of the pieces ended up in Yugoslavia, after a "Yugoslav art thief forger and probable spy Ante Topic Mimara ... tricked American art restitution officers into turning over 166 artworks to him in 1949 by falsely claiming that the Nazis had stolen them from Yugoslavia." The duped Americans later searched for the artworks, never found them and covered up the incident, the story reveals. ARTnews has located some the pieces in museums in Serbia and Croatia. The investigation includes photographs of the artworks.