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  • Qatar: The Price of Glory 2015

    The Price of Glory is an HBO Real Sports investigation into Qatar’s plan to achieve international recognition through sport and the price it has exacted in fair play, human rights, and even human lives. Our investigation found that the Qatari sports plan is one of unprecedented ambition and ruthlessness, based on the exploitation of foreign labor on and off the field. To build world-class athletic teams, Qatar has crisscrossed the world, paying athletes from the poorest countries on earth to become naturalized Qatari citizens. Real Sports heard it first hand from an entire team of Bulgarian weightlifters paid by Qatar to assume Arabic identities and represent the Gulf state in international competition. Our story detailed the systemic bribery that allowed this stiflingly hot desert sheikhdom without a soccer tradition to improbably win the right to host the 2022 World Cup. Ten months before a series of arrests of FIFA officials suspected of taking bribes, Real Sports spoke with a former FIFA insider about the corrupt bidding process, and detailed how Qatari officials bought their way to the very top of world soccer by plying FIFA officials on five continents. Off the field, Real Sports documented how Qatar’s sports glory is built on the backs of hundreds of thousands of the poorest people in Asia, imported and indentured to create a lavish World Cup city in the desert. Our team watched workers toil in 117-degree heat and followed them into the decrepit labor camps few outsiders have seen in order to expose the brutal conditions in which they are bonded into effective slavery. Viewers will see why thousands of these migrant workers are projected to die on the job by the time the 2022 World Cup games begin. When we first aired the piece the Qatari government told us changes were coming and that we should stand by. We took them up on their offer and revisited the situation a year later, only to find that none of the changes to the bonded labor system—known as Kafala—had taken place. In fact Nepali migrant workers were even prohibited from returning home after a massive earthquake ravaged their country. Worse still—our follow-up investigation found that some of the top people in Qatari sport weren’t just using their money to buy athletes, they were using it to fund terrorist organizations and invite radical jihadi clerics to speak at their elite sports academy. Our project spanned four years of research, four continents, and scores of interviews with athletes, activists, migrant workers, FIFA insiders, and US government officials.
  • Haiti in a Time of Cholera

    Nearly 8,000 people have died horrible, painful deaths since a cholera epidemic swept through Haiti after a major earthquake in 2010. Over half a million others have been infected, and containment is nowhere in sight with dozens dying each week. A growing body of scientific evidence shows that United Nations peacekeepers brought the disease into the country.
  • To Adopt A Child

    The story looks at the murky world of international adoption. The United States has long been one of the biggest participants in overseas adoptions. But over the last few years, as cases of fraud and corruption have surfaced around the world, the U.S. has clamped down on questionable adoptions. Since 2004, the annual number of visas the U.S. issues for international adoption has dropped by 50 percent.
  • The Last Days of the Mountain Kingdom

    The Outside Magazine looks at the new development of the "people's war" declared by a hard-line faction of communists in Nepal. The story describes how, after the royal family has been murdered, "Maoist guerrillas prowl the countryside, killing police with handmade grenades, extorting protection money from trekkers, and fomenting agrarian revolution." The author analyses the risk of a new "Asian apocalypse."
  • Inside Tibet: A Country Tortured

    This series of articles examines human rights abuses in Tibet. When it comes to human rights in China, the United States has been backing off, reluctant to risk trade by using it as leverage. To Tibetans, that spells no relief from the routine and ruthless assaults exacted by the Chinese police. Reporters interviewed Tibetan refugees in India, documenting accounts of torture. The reporters also followed a group of Tibetans fleeing through the Himalayan mountains to Nepal.